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Uganda Police arrest Bobi Wine as he heads to US for specialized medication

According to a statement by his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi and local media reports, the MP has been forcefully referred to a Government hospital/COURTESY

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 31- Ugandan authorities Thursday night re-arrested Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi is popularly known as Bobi Wine at the Entebbe airport.

The legislator was leaving the country for the United States, where he was expected to receive specialized treatment.

According to a statement by his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi and local media reports, the MP has been forcefully referred to a Government hospital.

“He told me that as soon as they closed the ambulance doors, he was again brutally beaten in front of a government doctor. They switched off the lights in the ambulance and started battering him,” reads a statement by his wife, posted on social media platforms.

“Bobi is now back in pain and he is dumped at Kirudu hospital. He has missed his flight and time is running out.”

He was out of court on bail after facing treason charges together with three other legislators and about 30 civilians.

According to the legislator’s wife, he had a medical recommendation from Lubaga hospital, where he was receiving treatment while his lawyers had notified the court.

The move is likely to spark fresh protest in the neighbouring country.

Calm returned after the legislator and his counterparts were released on bail, but they have been under a sharp watch of authorities.

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“By denying him access to medical treatment, do they need him disabled for life?” the MP’s posed.

“We also strongly object to their doctors forcefully trying to administer treatment or draw samples from him. The same people who have acquiesced in torturing him cannot be trusted with his body.”

They have been a widespread condemnation of President Yoweri Museveni led Government for the ongoing crackdown on dissidents.

Kyagulanyi, whose driver Yasin Kawumwa was killed by security officers, had initially been detained in a military facility despite being a civilian.

There, rights groups and family members say he was tortured.

Kenyan lawyers and human rights defenders have called for a probe on all allegations of torture and other ill-treatment in detention to ensure those found culpable are brought to book and insist the findings must be made public.

The court declined a request by the state to have the MP’s surrender his passport.

Human rights groups in Kenya have since urged East African governments to pile pressure on Ugandan President Museveni to stop the ongoing crackdown on the Opposition.

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