Teachers’ strike inevitable, if TSC fails to listen – Sossion

August 6, 2018 4:04 pm
“If they do not listen to some of our demands, we shall invoke the weapon and that is strike action,” said Sossion/CFM NEWS

, MOMBASA, Kenya, Aug 6 – The Kenya National Union of Teachers has warned that the September 1 strike is still on, if the Teachers Service Commission fails to heed their demands.

TSC and KNUT will be meeting on August 21 to iron out some of the issues raised by teachers but union Secretary General Wilson Sossion Monday warned that if TSC and teachers fail to agree then, the strike will be inevitable.

“If they do not listen to some of our demands, we shall invoke the weapon, which we have restrained to use for a very long time, and that is strike action,” said Sossion.

He was speaking to the press on the sidelines of the ongoing four-day 10th African Principal Confederation Conference at Pride Inn Paradise Hotel in Mombasa.

KNUT warned that TSC must prepare itself sufficiently to agree to address all issues that will be raised by teachers among them, the transfer of school heads (delocalisation), performance appraisal and development plus promotion of teachers.

“We are very clear about the promotion of teachers. It is an intellectual right, therefore it is not negotiable nor reduceable. We shall stand against delocalization of teachers, which is breaking families and hurting education and other accompanying policies that we were not consulted,” he said.

He said they will also oppose the teacher performance appraisal and development system which has been rolled out by TSC, adding that system is a big issue globally.

“Europe has dropped it, who are we to adopt it in Kenya?” posed Sossion.

He said they are not opposed to ideas of originating new policies that affect teaching profession but there must be wide and extensive consultations.

“We are on a policy war with government, we are not on bread and butter issue. Any policy that is formulated without our involvement, we shall stand up against it,” said Sossion.

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