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Ruto meets Waiguru a day after IPSOS ranks them most corrupt

The two have dismissed the IPSOS research, with Ruto saying it is the work of his political detractors/DPPS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 23 – Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday held talks with Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru, just a day after the two were ranked most corrupt leaders by an IPSOS research.

The breakfast meeting at Ruto’s Karen office was attended by County Assembly Members from Kirinyaga.

The two have dismissed the IPSOS research, with Ruto saying it is the work of his political detractors.

“The whole of this story about constant, perennial unending headlines about William Ruto this, William Ruto that is sponsored by our competitors because they cannot match our development record,” the DP stated.

“And I want to tell them, when they are through with the headlines and with the corruption propaganda, let us meet at the development arena,” he stated.

The Deputy President urged his competitors to focus on issue-based politics rather than side shows that include.

“And we will not allow them to mislead us and to take us to an arena that has no benefit for anybody. We will not allow ourselves to go into an arena of fake news and fake opinion polls and fake stories or headlines,” he said.

“The real contest is on the development arena. The electricity, the roads the water and technical training colleges among others.”

The IPSOS-funded study listed Waiguru as second most corrupt person in the country in a perception index of 31 per cent, followed by former President Daniel arap Moi who was listed at 11 per cent.

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“An arrow that is sent at night is sent by the same way it came. They will bring in politics and they will all us names but that will not affect us,” Waiguru stated.

“I was surprised when they grouped me together with heads of States and I am just a hustler. It must mean that God has something prepared for me,” she said.

Waiguru had said anyone with evidence that she is corrupt should present it before State agencies tasked with the mandate of probing graft.

The Ipsos-funded poll however showed a rigid dichotomy between values held by respondents and their choice of leaders despite 87 per cent expressing reservations with the ability of corrupt individuals to provide good leadership.


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