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Boy child won’t be left behind, says equality nominee Mwikali

Appearing before the National Assembly Labour and social welfare Committee, Mwikali assured that the commission will not be discriminative and both boy and girl child will be given equal opportunities/CFM NEWS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 3 – The nominee for the position of Chairperson of the National Gender and Equality Commission Joyce Mwikali was on Friday tasked to explain how she will ensure that the boy child is not left behind in education and general development.

Appearing before the National Assembly Labour and Social Welfare Committee for vetting, Mwikali assured that the commission will not discriminate between the boy and girl child, as they will be accorded equal opportunities.

“I am a mother of both boys and girls and I have interacted with both women and men. I believe in equal opportunities to all deserving people and as a chair I promise I will work towards developing both the girl and boy indiscriminately,” said Mwikali.

She stated that leadership and integrity is part and parcel of who she is and she will ensure they are respected.

“I have never stolen, never been jailed and in terms of integrity I have never been questioned. Professionalism for me is very important and that is what I will portray if approved to be the chair,” outlined Mwikali.

Prior to her nomination Mwikali had been serving as the Chairperson of the Rongo University Council.

Apart from her, two other nominees including former Nyeri County Woman Representative Pricilla Nyokabi were also vetted for the position of commission member where they were asked to explain why they felt they deserved the job and what their driving force was to work in the commission.

Nyokabi, a lawyer, defended her nomination with her academic background, which she said has prepared her well for the task ahead.

She added that her interaction with people of all walks of life as a parliamentarian will also play a big role in ensuring that all people regardless of where they come from or their political affiliation, are equally served.

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“If approved, I really have a passion for gender equality and my fight for marginalized people is not political. Inequality nowadays lies in many other aspects and I want to ensure that equality is all rounded not revolve around being a man or a woman,” Nyokabi defined.

Mureithi Chomba Munyi, a visually impaired candidate promised to sensitize people with disabilities on the importance of equality and ensure men, women and people with disability are treated in the same manner.

Currently, Munyi is a senior lecturer at Kenyatta University.


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