Newborn baby dumped at bus stop in Nyeri

July 14, 2018 12:16 pm
Baby found dumped in Nyeri matatu terminus./CORRESPONDENT

, NYERI, Kenya, Jul 13 – A newborn baby was on Saturday morning found dead and dumped at the Nyeri upper stage.

The newborn was found wrapped in a gunny bag and dumped at a matatu terminus.

According to matatu operators, they became suspicious after seeing that the bag had not been collected for about an hour and upon opening it they found a dead baby.

Charity Wangeci, a kiosk operator at the bus park expressed her disappointment and called on women to take care of their children no matter the circumstances.

“This is such a bad and disappointing act, whoever did this should be very ashamed and I wish they gave this child to somebody and just leave it with them instead of dumping an innocent soul,” she said.

Joseph Mbau, a taxi operator at the bus terminus said that they were shocked by the early morning incident and urged people to avoid engaging in sexual activities if they are not ready to be responsible parents.

“This is an embarrassing act, at this time and age such incidents should be unheard off. If you are not ready to be a parent then be careful of what you do,”Mbau urged.




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