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Anglican Church in Kenya not ready to work with gays, says Archbishop Sapit

Ole Sapit stated that the church will remain strong and united despite the problems that have rocked the church especially in Nyeri County/JOHN GATHUA

NYERI, Kenya July 17-Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has called for forgiveness, reconciliation and unity of the Anglican Church after it was rocked by protests last week after three priests were reinstated by court and deployed in various parishes in Othaya, Nyeri County.

Ole Sapit stated that the church will remain strong and united despite the problems that have rocked the church especially in Nyeri County. The three priests had been suspended over allegations of engaging in homosexuality three years ago but were exonerated by the court.

He stated that the Anglican Church is not ready to work with church leaders who commit indecent acts like adultery and homosexuality noting that the teachings of the church are morally upright.

“The teachings of the Anglican Church are very clear and straight, the church is against adultery and homosexuality. Any member of the church who is found to be practicing the sexual offence should be ready to face the consequences,” he said.

He said that the church does not advocate for same sex marriages or any other sexual offence and anyone found doing so should face full force of the law and be dismissed from ministering the in the church.

On rejection of the three priests, Ole Sapit said that the Bishop of Mt Kenya West Joseph Kagunda cannot force priests to minister in a certain congregation noting that the church followers have their right to have a priest who rhymes with them accordingly.

“A bishop cannot force a priest to minister to a certain congregation if he is rejected. The church followers have the right to work with a church minister they relate with accordingly,” he said.

Speaking during a visit to St Peter’s ACK Cathedral Nyeri, Ole Sapit said that they will ensure the church will not be divided in any way and they will sort out all the differences strategically.

He urged the congregation to remain united at all times noting that if they separate they will be defeated by the enemies and dismantle the church.

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The three John Gachau, Paul Warui and Maina Maigua were reinstated by court and bishop Kagunda was ordered to deploy them and compensate them with Sh6.8 million.

At the same time, Ole Sapit condemned the school unrest and also called on all stakeholders in the education sector to come on board and settle all the grievances once and for all to ensure no more damages are reported.

He also said that the cases of indiscipline are as a result of poor upbringing calling on the parents and guardians to be responsible to ensure morals are upheld from the family set up.

He noted that children are left under the custodian of house girls saying that most parents have been busy attending to their businesses and forget their main role of parenthood.

He called on the Ministry of Education to come up with a programme of teaching kids from ECDE level the implications of corruption and indiscipline.


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