Sonko shares his life struggles with Buru Buru Girls School students

June 10, 2018 11:02 am

The governor said hard work is the key to success. Photo/COURTESY.

, NAIROBI, Kenya Jun 10 – Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko attributed his success to his late father during an unprecedented inspirational speech at the Buru Buru Girls High school on Saturday.

The flamboyant governor said the late Mzee Kivanguli taught him life skills at an early age while insisting on the importance of education.

“I really salute my late father Mzee Kivanguli. May his soul rest in eternal peace. He taught me a lot,” he told students and parents at the school.

While acknowledging his naughty nature during his youth, Sonko told the girls he made his first million shilling while still in high school, showing his entrepreneurship skills in his teens.

He said during those days land was very cheap and he saw opportunities where others did not.

“Omar Mwasabuni in Diani was one of the first people who sold land to me and I sold it to a German national and I made good cash,” said Sonko when he launched the school’s new laboratory, library and swimming pool.

The governor said hard work is the key to success.

“You must strive to achieve anything. Life is not easy and always never give up. You should also always put God ahead of everything,” Sonko told students at the school.

He cautioned them against depending on the family fortunes to succeed.

“Don’t think of your family background, or what you ate last evening. Just focus on your life path. You are the future of this great country of ours,” he said.

The city governor insisted that education is pillar to everything in life and no matter what grade anyone manages, it is not the end of life.

“I scored C+ in KCSE with an E in Maths . But I still became Makadara MP and I started my charity, assisting people, some of who even got better grades than I did in high school,” Sonko said.

Accompanied by Janet Ouko, the County Executive member for education, gender and sports, Sonko said he witnessed God’s hand during the Makadara campaigns when he sailed through despite all the hurdles placed in his path.

“My accounts were frozen. But I only believed in God. That’s why I sailed through. I closed down one of my clubs here because I value the future of our children,” he added.

Ouko also gave account of her own struggles in life.

She said she used to take tea with the previous night’s ugali before she went to school every morning during her school days.

“Education is the pillar as Governor Sonko has said. Just make sure you take your studies with seriousness it deserves,” the executive said.

The school principal Muthoni Kimuya thanked the Nairobi leadership and asked Governor Sonko to be visiting the school frequently.

She urged Governor Sonko to be firm and to put more vigor especially in the fight against graft.

“Governor Sonko you are just a God given leader to us. Never forget us. This is the place where you started your life when you had a fleet of buses and other businesses,” she said.



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