Firm that imported Morocco fertilizer claim it was of high quality

June 24, 2018 11:19 am
In a statement, the firm highly praises their products as one fit for farmers in the country, in a sharp contradiction to a report by the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 24- OCP Kenya Limited, the company accused of importing substandard fertilizer has refuted the claims insisting compliance of the said cargo has passed independent expert analyses.

In a statement, the firm highly praises their products as one fit for farmers in the country, in a sharp contradiction to a report by the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji.

“In this vein, the new customized fertilizers introduced by OCP Kenya have been very successful. These micronutrient-enriched products have been adapted specifically to local soils and crops following research and development efforts conducted in cooperation with Kenyan research laboratories. These new customized fertilizers have demonstrated their positive effect on farmers in terms of yield and competitiveness,” reads a statement by OCP Kenya Limited.

They have warned of seeking legal redress against what they term as baseless and opportunistic accusations.

Already, the DPP has directed Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to arrest 3 of their directors who may be in the country.

“While we intend to actively and fully cooperate with the Kenyan authorities in connection with this matter, we reserve our rights to take legal action against the parties behind these baseless and opportunistic accusations,” the firm cautioned.

DPP Haji has also issued a red notice against accused people who are outside the country, as he embarks on the application of international warrants of arrest in order to commence the process of extradition.

Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Charles Ongwae and 9 other senior officials are facing among other murder charges over the fertilizer, which was released to the market despite failing all the standards.

Other facing the charges include KEBS Director of Quality Assurance Eric Chesire, Chief Manager Inspection Eric Ochieng and 7 other senior individuals for approving the importation of substandard fertilizer and fake Import Standardization Mark (ISM MARK).

Also on police radar includes KEBS Inspection Manager Peter Kinyanjui, Regional Manager, and Coast Region Martin Muswanya Nyakiamo.

The fertilizer according to the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji was weighing 5,846,000 kilograms, “which upon testing failed to meet the standard set by KEBS VIDE KS158:2012 and was therefore declared rejected.”

The company, DPP Haji revealed appealed against the first testing, whereupon a re-testing was done by KEBS.

“The compound fertilizer failed to meet the standard yet again,” the DPP said, in a statement sent to Newsroom.

But despite all that, the fertilizer was released into the market as opposed to destruction or re-shipping to the country of origin.

DPP has, as a result, recommended several offences against KEBS officials led by MD Ongwae, Chesire, Inspection Manager, Kilindini Port Peter Kinyanjui, Regional Manager Coast Region Martin Muswanya Nyakiamo and Pole Mwangeni, Port Health Officer Kilindini.

The will face attempted murder, aiding the commission of a felony, abuse of office, breach of office and selling substandard goods, charges.

DPP has also trained guns on OCP (K) Ltd officials, who will also face similar charges.

They are; Karim Lofti Senhadji (Director), Makila Klrama (Director), Younes Addou (Director) and OCP(K) Ltd importer.



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