Police say goons who attacked NCBDA Chairman in hiding

Muriuki was lifted off the ground and threatened with being thrown into the hotel swimming pool/CFM

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 2- Police now say the goons who attacked the Nairobi Central District Association chairman Timothy Muriuki have gone into hiding.

For more than 24 hours, police have been pursuing the goons, who attacked Muriuki with impunity on Monday, in full glare of the cameras, claiming he was demeaning Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Central police boss Robinson Thuku told Capital FM News on Wednesday morning that detectives are following crucial information that may lead to their arrest.

“We will get them even if they go into hiding…,” the police boss asserted.

He says they are also gathering intelligence, to ensure the attackers, whom he says wanted to commit a murderous act are identified.

“They should have allowed Muriuki to issue his statement and then counter it with another press conference and not through crude ways,” he said.

“They wanted to commit a murderous act tossing him into a swimming pool. They will not get away with this.”

The dramatic incident happened before Muriuki barely read two sentences from his detailed statement, which ironically was pro-Governor, urging his detractors to keep off and allow him to work.

“Until when will you stop maligning the name of our governor?” the goons would be heard posing.

They physically assaulted Muriuki who all the time was desperately looking for a safe exit, to save his life from the agitated attackers.

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The goons also later attempted to access another city hotel where members of Bunge la Wananchi were issuing a statement, castigating the Governor for continued deteriorating state of the largest city in East Africa, and a continental hub.

According to Muriuki, the Hotel Boulevard event was meant to highlight the need for close partnership between city residents and administrators to achieve development.

“Whoever dispatched those who attacked me should be ashamed. Businesses are not interested in fighting Governor Sonko. We’re not interested in headlines that damage the business environment,” he said.

“Between 50-60 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product is generated in Nairobi and that is why we wanted to call for unity to build an enabling environment,” Muriuki said.

The city is currently grappling with the poor state of roads, crater likes potholes right inside the CBD, garbage, an archaic drainage system usually overwhelmed by light rains and so on.