Elachi says Miguna must settle citizenship row before vetting

May 17, 2018 11:16 am
Elachi pointed out that this may take more than a month depending on when the matter will be resolved/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 17 – Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi says Miguna Miguna must settle his citizenship row before being vetted for the position of Deputy Governor of Nairobi.

Elachi pointed out that this may take more than a month depending on when the matter will be resolved.

She observed that this is in line with one of the requirements for those wishing to take up political posts in the country.

“I will tell him, first of all you are a Canadian and until you clear your issues with the Kenyan government, then is when we can now understand that we have a Deputy Governor, the law states very clearly that you have to be a Kenyan,” she stated. “You know there are procedures also when you are vying as a member and this is a political position and so you have to go through the same vetting of a political position,” she said on Citizen Radio Thursday morning.

She explained that only then can the County Assembly take up the matter and vet him for the post.

“It can take us three, four months. It means Nairobi residents will not have a deputy governor until September, November. First of all we have to clear with that side; see Miguna enter Kenya and then now we will know we have a nominee and start thinking how to proceed to ensure we get him through the right process,” she said.

“My boss has done what the law is telling him. For him he has followed… you want a deputy governor, this is what I feel, this is my nominee; from there, he will leave it now to us. We are also very independent and so now us we will follow the law because we are the ones who create those laws. As you can see, the handshake is doing something.”

Her sentiments come even as Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja stated that Miguna cannot be the Deputy Governor of Nairobi.

“Miguna will not become the Deputy Governor of Nairobi. Take that to the bank,” he said on Twitter.

Nairobi residents are also eagerly awaiting Miguna’s reaction following his nomination.

Miguna, who is known to fire back salvos, on anything and everything touching on him has not responded through social media, which is his main mode of communication from Toronto, Canada where he is based.

The announcement was made Wednesday night, hours after Miguna cancelled his trip to the country after the government declined to grant him unconditional entry or issue him with a Kenyan passport as ordered by the High Court.

The deputy’s post in Nairobi County fell vacant following the resignation of Polycarp Igathe on January 12, citing frustrations over failing to earn the trust of his boss in the management of county affairs.



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