Cops in City Park shooting record statements, freed on bond

May 22, 2018 5:45 pm
A security guard at City Park shows where the ill-fated vehicler was parked/MOSES MUOKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 22 – Two police officers involved in Sunday morning’s City Park shooting that left a woman, 41, dead and a 26 year-old man with serious injuries, have recorded statements and are now free on bond.

It means the officers will not perform any duty, until detectives are done with the investigation.

“It is a complicated case…” an officer privy to the ongoing investigations told Capital FM News on Tuesday.

Both are Administration Police officers from Makadara Division here in Nairobi who were on patrol duties at the Park on Sunday.

“There is nothing that can be done until the investigations are over,” the officer said.

– What we know so far –

At about 8am, a security guard manning City Park noticed a car that had been parked near a cemetery.

He was raised an alarm some two hours later prompting the officers swung to action.

The car, a Toyota Fielder, had tinted windows such that one could not see the occupants from outside, police and guards said.

“They (the two officers) knocked on the vehicle but there was no response. Then all of a sudden, it sped off towards the road,” reads a police report seen by Capital FM News.

At that point, the two officers started firing at the vehicle using their firearms, discharging several rounds of ammunition.

On Tuesday, Government Pathologist Johansen Odour was set to undertake a post-mortem on the body of the deceased Janet Wangui, at the City Mortuary.

The scene of the incident at City Park has since been cleared.

“It was a scaring incident. The park is usually peaceful…” a security guard manning the section of the park told Capital FM News on Tuesday.

According to police, the two officers involved in the incident had been deployed to the area in an ongoing operation across the city, meant to last for 30 days.

Some police divisions, authorities say, have surrendered some of their officers to other areas.

“Police are on high alert during Ramadhan…” Nairobi County Police Chief Joseph ole Tito said.

Earlier, police had cautioned Kenyans of an imminent terror attack during Ramadhan.

Though right groups have called on the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to also carry put a probe, the inaugural board’s term ended on Monday.

If it was a case of excessive use of force, will action be taken?

It is a legal lacuna noted by Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji, who has asked Parliament to amend the law, to ensure there is an immediate board assuming office upon the end of one.

At that point, the two officers started firing at the vehicle using their firearms, discharging several rounds of ammunition/JOSEPH MURAYA

On Monday, IPOA released a detailed six-year report that cited lack of cooperation by the National Police Service in derailing most of the 9,000 cases lodged with them.

According to the report presented by outgoing Chairperson Macharia Njeru, the non-cooperation by the service has seen concerted efforts by some officers to cover up crimes, evidence being tampered with, in a motive of circumventing IPOA investigations, in cases where police are implicated.

This, the report says, includes “numerous failures to notify the authority on deaths and serious injuries as a result of police action have noted, with mishandling, mismanagement or interference of incidence scenes.”

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In a bid to justify police actions, the report indicates that there was a skewed interpretation of applicable laws, poor record keeping and failure to maintain proper records as per the law or service standing orders.

It also reveals that there have been, “manipulation of the Arms and Ammunition Movement Register, un-serialized or unsealed documents to circumvent justice course.”

During the six years, IPOA had 4 convictions only, but they say more work was put in setting up the organisational structure, create policies and working processes as well as recruit and train competent staff.

Will the Sunday case be different?


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