Student posts suicide note on Facebook, kills self over love gone sour

April 6, 2018 5:02 pm
Concerns have risen over the increasing cases of university students committing suicide over relationships/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 6 – A second-year student at Chuka University has committed suicide after he busted his lover with another man.

The Tuesday incident has left many baffled.

In his suicide note posted on Facebook moments before his death, the student explains what transpired.

“Sorry guys, I might not be active for the next 90 days or so. Emphasis on Might” reads his post that had a suicide note in form of a letter to his girlfriend attached.

He emotionally shares his moments with the love of his life.

“Nostalgia kills me when I remember all the good times we spent together. The sacrifices I made just to see you smile. We played together like little kids and I still remember your lack of talent for little games. I loved you for it.”

The student further reveals that they even had a bank account together with the girl, a university student as well, but then tells her, “congratulations, it now all yours.”

“Now that I cannot live without you. Now that you judged and gave me a command. Now that you shouted at me from inside your room with your “boyfriend” that I should “go kill yourself” and even asked for my suicide note, well here it is my love,” reads the suicide note.

According to his colleagues, the student was reserved and secretive.

“He was a smart brain…,” a colleague told Capital FM News.

He was pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree.

Concerns have risen over the increasing cases of university students committing suicide over relationships.

On February 6, a Murang’a University student committed suicide after a dispute with his lover.

Derrick Kiprop, 22, disagreed with his lover’s decision to end their three-month relationship over irreconcilable differences before he took poison.

He was a third-year student pursuing a degree in Software Engineering.

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