Clergy seeks purge of corrupt police element

April 14, 2018 1:50 pm
“Human life should be respected and people even criminals have to be treated in a humane way,” Anyolo said/CFM

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishop (KCCB) has urged the National Police Service to redeem its tainted public image due to increased corruption acts associated with the department.

In a report released by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission on March 27 the National Police Service was ranked first in corruption.

According to KCCB it is unfortunate that the police service is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reason.

KCCB Vice-chair John Oballa termed as “inhumane” and “brutal” a video showing a police officer stomp on a subdued suspect’s head.

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“The police continue to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The recent video clip that went viral about a policeman brutally beating a suspect was to say the least disgusting for no human being should be treated that way.”

“Human life should be respected and people even criminals have to be treated in a humane way,” Oballa said.

The bishop also noted that the current police reforms being undertaken should continue as police strive to reform and as well as ensuring citizens security especially in regions faced by banditry.

Oballa further asked the traffic police to enhance safety on the roads by ensuring safety precautions and set traffic rules are followed by all road users.

“We call upon the traffic police and women to be more vigilant on the roads and to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles are allowed to operate on our roads. We have lost many lives because of road carnage and hence proper measures have to be taken to improve the safety of our roads,” the bishop stated.

The bishops also addressed corruption and mismanagement of county resources by urging the leaders to ensure accountability and transparency at the county level.

They criticised the culture of shortcuts created in public offices instead of people following the laid down systems to be followed in service delivery.

“During the recent military recruitment there were people conned by those purporting to be in positions of employing them. It is sad that many Kenyans had to resort to buying jobs or paying kickbacks to be employed. Shortcuts make people not to work hard, makes them dishonest and in the long run makes our country morally corrupt,” Oballa said.

KCCB also called on the county and national government to embark on job creation as well as ensure fairness in job recruitment with factors such as tribalism termed as key players in unqualified persons being employed.

They further termed unemployment as a key contributor to the rise in substance abuse and the rise of criminal gangs among Kenyan youths in various parts of the country.




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