Immigration services to facilitate ‘regularisation’ of Miguna’s citizenship

March 27, 2018 10:50 am
Immigration services has blamed Miguna for the hours long standoff accusing him of throwing a “tantrum”/CFM

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 26 – The government says it will now facilitate the entry of Miguna Miguna into the country after he spent Monday night at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) lounge following a deportation drama.

According to the Acting Director of Immigration Services Joseph Munywoki, application papers have been dispatched to the air port which he is expected to fill to regularise his citizenship status in Kenya.

In a statement, he stated that Miguna will be allowed entry once the forms are duly filled and processed.“To enable Miguna regularise his citizenship status, the department of Immigration has this morning dispatched the requisite application forms to JKIA for Miguna to duly fill for processing.”

“Upon arrival aboard Emirates Flight EK 719 at about 14.30hrs, immigration officials in compliance with the court order requested Miguna to present the documents he had used to travel into the country in order to facilitate his entry,” he said.

“Instead of presenting the requisite travel documents he exited with from Canada, Miguna became unruly and threw a tantrum saying that he was a Kenyan who should be allowed to enter into the country without immigration clearance as is required of all arriving passengers irrespective of their nationality.”

He reiterated that the lawyer lost his Kenyan citizenship when he acquired the Canadian citizenship at a time that the country did not allow dual citizenship.

“The national ID is only acceptable as a travel document to and from Northern Corridor countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan. Miguna’s travel had not originated from any of these countries,” he said. “As we stated earlier this year, Miguna automatically lost his Kenyan citizenship in 1998 when he acquired the Canadian citizenship at a time when Kenya did not allow dual citizenship.”

Miguna spent the night at the Airport lounge after the Emirates pilots refused to fly him to Dubai, on being denied entry to the country.

He was declared a hostile passenger and could not be allowed on board because he was unruly following a confrontation with police after a daylong drama.

Senator James Orengo who led lawyers in trying to facilitate Miguna’s entry vowed legal action Tuesday morning, while accusing the Immigration Department of violating a court order.

An armed contingent of officers drawn from the dreaded General Service Unit was deployed to disperse dozens of supporters who were milling around the airport, causing a confrontation that left three journalists with injuries.

An agitated group of Miguna’s supporters by now were banging the door of the arrivals lounge demanding his immediate release.



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