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CBK’s story doesn’t add up, MPs say of Keter’s arrest

Kutuny and Keter’s lawyer Kimutai Bosek speaking to the press outside the Muthaiga Police Station on Saturday/COSMUS MWONGELA

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 18 – Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny has come to the defence of his Nandi Hills counterpart Alfred Keter who will remain in police custody over the weekend for presenting fake Treasury Bills worth Sh633 million.

Speaking to reporters outside the Muthaiga Police Station where Keter together with Arthur Sakwa and Madat Chatur are being held, Kutuny stated that he was caught up in the fiasco as he was doing due diligence on the fake documents.

“What surprises most is that up to now, he has not been booked on any occurrence book, there are no allegations leveled against him, he has not recorded any statement so these are the issues of concern,” he said.

Kutuny also alleged that Keter was arrested as part of a CBK cover-up.

“How do you cash Sh633 million in treasury bills at a counter? You need trucks to carry the money,” he said in sentiments echoed by his Moiben counterpart Silas Tiren.

He said that there has been communications between Keter and the CBK Governor from last year.

“And in fact there is one communication from the CBK to the lawyers of Desai stating very clearly that the money was paid so later on what the honorable member was doing was following-up. Under Article 95 he is entitled to ask questions on behalf of a citizen. He wanted to know who was paid, when they were paid and how much they were paid,” he stated.

Keter’s Lawyer Kimutai Bosek described the arrest as arbitrary stating that the law was being misapplied in an attempt to persecute his client.

“What Alfred has been doing is just to follow because these people complained to him and asked him to actually table the matter before the floor of the house but as a very prudent person and somebody with a lot of civility, he felt that he must understand the background and also be faced with full information before making any move.”

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He stressed that the law was being misapplied in the case of Keter and emphasised the need for that to stop.

“This is very arbitrary and is not in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya. The police really need to know that human beings are born free, Kenyans have a constitution that protects then and even where somebody is being suspected, there are provisions in the constitution that gives them rights.”

He further expressed hope that the legislator will be arraigned in court on Monday and due process followed to get to the truth of the matter.

“Alfred is being denied and that is our worry. We are hoping that on Monday, he will be arraigned in court or probably they might release him because up to today the complainant, the CBK has not even bothered to communicate with the police to give them their side of their story.”

Keter’s Lawyer Kimutai Bosek described the arrest as arbitrary stating that the law was being misapplied in an attempt to persecute his client/COSMUS MWONGELA

According to Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Deputy Director in charge of Communications Wallace Kantai, the three presented a set of forged treasury bills which were purportedly issued by the CBK a number of years ago.

They were taken to the CID Headquarters for interrogation before being transferred to the Muthaiga Police Station.

Recently, Keter was among the four Jubilee legislators dewhipped for taking a view different from the party position on the House committee leadership.


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