Village buries 9 killed in Nyandarua on return from burial

January 16, 2018 10:47 am
The deceased will be laid to rest at the Kiboya village, in Leshau Pondo Ward, Nyandarua County.

, NYANDARUA, Kenya, Jan 16 – Nine residents of the same village who were killed in a road accident a week ago on the Nyeri-Nyandarua Highway will on Tuesday be laid to rest at the Kiboya village, in Leshau Pondo Ward, Nyandarua County.

The nine were part of a group that was returning home to Nyandarua in the evening from a funeral when the accident occurred.

Those who survived blamed the driver of the 14-seater matatu they were riding in for the accident.

They accused him of failing to heed their calls to slow down before the vehicle fatally rolled several times; the driver himself being among four people who died on the spot.

The rest died while undergoing treatment.

The Nyandarua county government has met the mortuary and casket costs for the deceased and covered the hospital bills for the accident survivors even as it called for greater caution on the roads.

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Survivors of a similar accident that occurred on the Kitale-Webuye road on the eve of the last Jamhuri Day celebrations also blamed an over speeding Public Service Vehicle driver for the death of 14 in an accident that involved four other vehicles.

Nine of whom were members of the same family making their way back home from a get-together.

Their PSV driver failed to heed their calls to slow down and wound up ramming into a stalled tractor, ferrying sugarcane, at a blind spot on the Kamukuywa Bridge.

A man who was in a lead vehicle lost his wife and two children, his sister, a brother, nephew, a niece and sister-in-law in the accident after failing to get through to them on phone to advise them of the stalled tractor after narrowly circumventing it themselves.

Following the recent spate of road accidents, President Uhuru Kenyatta last week ordered the National Transport and Safety Authority’s agents off the roads so as to allow the Traffic Police fully exercise their muscle, without any confusion, in the enforcement of order on the Highways.

In response to the increase in road accidents over the festive period, the NTSA placed restrictions on night travel and cancelled licenses temporarily allowing PSV vehicles to venture away from their usual routes.


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