‘We only take thousands’ (in bribes) cop booted out of service

January 20, 2018 5:15 pm
“We take thousands, if you have two thousand I’ll take,” the officer said soliciting for a bribe.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 20 – A traffic officer caught on camera soliciting a bribe from a Ugandan student who was driving through Narok is being processed for dismissal.

The officer can be seen and heard in the video captured without his knowledge, demanding a bribe from the student in order not to book him.

It appears the officer pulled the student over for overspeeding and here is an excerpt of that exchange:

OFFICER: I’ve been to Kampala twice and … (standing on the side of road) there’s an army officer, traffic and a revenue officer isn’t it? They are standing three people. Cash instant.

DRIVER: Officer this is my first time coming through Kenya…

OFFICER (interrupting): Bring, bring, bring money here. (Indistinct) help you the way you want (laughs).

DRIVER: (taking out cash) How much?

OFFICER: Not those small money, we don’t take those small, small money here.

DRIVER: You see, I’ve only exchanged very little sir.

OFFICER: We take thousands, if you have two thousand I’ll take.

DRIVER: Can you leave me with something at least?

OFFICER: No. One thousand. Bring one thousand. (Glancing behind him) Do faster, faster… faster, faster I’m going. (Receiving cash) This is how much?

DRIVER: I don’t know, I just gave you whatever I had.

OFFICER: Very little, but you’re a visitor, you go, you’re a visitor. I don’t want to make life difficult for you. Thank  you.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet who told Capital News the officer has been identified, says the decision to dismiss him is in keeping with the National Police Service zero-tolerance stance on corruption.


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