KNEC cancels results for 1,205 candidates for cheating

January 17, 2018 12:02 pm
KNEC Chairman George Magoha says nine examination centres have been affected by cancellations and will suffer consequences where there was collusion between students and the management/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 17 – The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has cancelled results for 1,205 candidates who sat last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations.

The results had been withheld following suspicions of complicity.

Speaking during a press conference, KNEC Chairman George Magoha explained that nine out of the 10 exam centres that were being probed were found culpable of examination irregularities which include collusion and possession of banned material in the exam rooms.

He stated that the investigations carried out by a multi-sectoral team revealed that in one centre, 11 candidates had mobile phones having examination materials while in another, nine were found with unauthorised materials.

“There was collusion during the examination as detected through cases where candidates produced identical responses in eight centres. Based on the investigations into the allegations of cheating in the 10 schools, it was clear that the KCSE examination papers/questions were not leaked,” he explained.

He said that all the 67 candidates at the school that had been absolved have received their examination results.

“None of the centres had received the question papers before the scheduled time of sitting the examinations. In most of the cases, candidates had either carried unauthorised materials to examination rooms or colluded. In specific centres, the investigation team found that all candidates in one of the school accused of collusion in the 2017 KCSE examination were cleared of all allegations,” he stated.

He stated that in two schools alleged to have engaged in examination irregularities, the probe established that all the candidates – expect one candidate from each school – had colluded.

“The two candidates have, therefore, received their results while those for 300 candidates in the two centres have been cancelled. There was evidence of collusion among some of the candidates in three schools, hence the centres have been partially penalised. The Council has, therefore, released results for 453 candidates and cancelled those for 163 candidates who were found to have colluded in the three schools,” he explained.

He indicated that in four schools, there was evidence of massive irregularities where all the candidates were found to have colluded. “Results of the 742 candidates in the four schools have been cancelled.”

He stated that reports for each of the 10 schools have been sent to them through the respective principals and County Directors of Education.

“KNEC wishes to send a strong warning to all examination candidates, schools and the general public that the Council will not condone any form of examination malpractice. There were attempts by some individuals to gain prior access to question papers during the 2017 KCSE examination but all these efforts were nipped in the bud,” he said.

He pointed out that KNEC will do everything in its powers to protect the sanctity of national examinations at all times.

“The Council has made necessary recommendations to relevant agencies for further action regarding the conduct of the contracted professionals who failed to perform their roles as expected.”

The Ministry of Education and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions last year resolved to form a multi-sectoral taskforce that conducted a fresh audit of the cases with a view to coming up with necessary legal and policy recommendations.


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