Most Kenyans worried of high cost of living—IPSOS poll

January 7, 2018 1:49 pm
Others are worried of corruption levels in the country. Photo/CFM-FILE.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 7- High cost of living is top on the list of worries Kenyans are grappling with, at 29 per cent.

This is according to the first IPSOS poll of 2018 that placed hunger on second position at 25 per cent followed by lack of unemployment at 18 percent.

Across the political divide, both Jubilee and NASA supporters have similar worries, with the numbers differing slightly.

On 2018 expectations, Kenyans according to the survey that saw a 1000 people randomly interviewed, hope to see increased development at the County level at 71 percent, enhanced security at 70 percent while 65 percent want freedom of expression improved.

Others are worried about how they will save more this year, build or buy a house while others are keen on getting a job.

The survey, which was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs shows that 17 percent of Kenyans will be looking for means of saving more money, while 16 percent want to get their own homes.

Getting married and buying a vehicle are however, at the bottom of their wish-list both at 2 percent while changing jobs comes in at 3 percent.

Overall, of the 13 most frequent mentions of personal aspirations and hopes for the year, 8 are directly material and economic in nature while two do so indirectly, the survey shows.

Corruption remains a major concern, with only 38 percent of Kenyans expressing optimism that it will be reduced while 44 percent believe nothing will change.



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