Exchange of fire as police fight over custody of illicit brew in Kisumu

January 12, 2018 4:13 pm
The flying squad officers, it later emerged, were paid to transport the brew/FILE

, KISUMU, Kenya, Jan 12 – Kenyan police officers at Luanda police station had an open gun fire exchange with flying squad officers from Kisumu at Luanda police station over illegal alcohol nabbed by the police officers at Luanda.

The alcohol was being carried in two Toyota wish cars from Uganda en-route to Kisumu and it was being escorted by the flying squad officers from Kisumu.

The flying squad officers earlier claimed that they had impounded the alcohol and they were taking the suspects to Kisumu Police station but it has since been confirmed that they were paid to illegally escort the illicit alcohol from Busia to Kisumu, which was to be sold in Kisumu.

An argument ensued and the Luanda OCPD became adamant that the illegal alcohol be taken to the police station.

Flying squad officers would hear none of it and insisted on taking the alcohol to Kisumu.

The alcohol was later taken to the police station in Luanda.

It took the intervention of the CID boss in Kisumu for the case not to be booked in the Occurrence Book – OB.

But the vehicles and the alcohol are still being detained at Luanda Police station pending directions as there are some officers who were injured in the gun exchange.


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