Ownership dispute at St Mary’s Mission Hospital, Langata escalates

December 28, 2017 11:19 am
Staff were locked out of the hospital in the forced eviction/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 28 – A power wrangle that has been characterised by a protracted legal battle lasting for seven years surfaced at St Mary’s Mission Hospital in Langata after police officers made their way into the facility with an eviction court order demanding the immediate exit of the old management.

The court order issued by a High Court in Nakuru on December 20 declared that the old management run by Catholic priest William Fryda relinquish its power to the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi whom the court found as the rightful owners.

In his judgement Justice Sila Munyao ruled that the nuns were the rightful owners of the multi-billion health facility as they were entrusted with its management by donors.

On Thursday morning, confusion shook the health facility as some members allied to the old management were defiant of the court order leading to an unpleasant confrontation that according to some eye witnesses led to some of the patients and staff being assaulted by police officers and goons who were allegedly hired to execute the eviction.

Langata OCPD Elijah Mwangi who was present at the health facility to ensure that there was a smooth transition of power however denied the claims that brutal force was used on the clientele or staff by police or even the presense of goons in the compound.

“I am not aware of any brutality meted out to patients by police. The allegation that goons also gained entry into the facility and beat up patients is false,” said Mwangi.

Mwangi called on those who claim to have been assaulted to report the matter to allow for investigation.

The area Member of Parliament Nixon Korir who was at the facility after he was alerted by some members of his constituency about the matter gave assurances that he would intervene and assured that the matter would be amicably resolved.

“As a leader I will personally see to it that the matter is resolved so that operations continue to run smoothly,” said Korir.

The incoming hospital manager Audi Moris was quick to reassure the old members of staff that their jobs are safe saying the dispute was between the top management of the old and new management.

“No member will lose their jobs and we will not discriminate or intimidate any member, we are all here to serve the needs of the public,” said Moris.

But Zachariah Baraza an auctioneer mandated to enforce the court order said that he will not back down until the orders are complied with.

“My job is not done until the court order is abided by. Still, there is need for the old management to accept the reality and move on,” said Baraza.



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