NASA supporters express dismay after swearing-in put off

December 11, 2017 11:17 am
NASA supporters express dismay after Raila swearing-in put off/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 11 – Majority of National Super Alliance supporters are angered by Sunday’s decision to postpone Raila Odinga’s swearing-in to a later date, but others say they are comfortable with the move.

The inauguration of Odinga as the People’s Assembly President was scheduled to take place on Tuesday but NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi announced that the plan has been shelved – for now.

NASA had earlier hinted that it was facing a dilemma on how to swear-in Odinga in the absence of his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka who is in Germany attending to his ailing wife.

Some social media users commented that Friday’s NASA meeting between diplomats and religious leaders had borne positive fruits leading to halting of the swearing-in that was to be hosted at Mombasa’s Tononoka Grounds.

But NASA supporters who flooded the coalition’s Facebook page with comments expressed disappointment prompting the NASA leadership to reassure them that the much-anticipated swearing-in will still planned but at a later date.

“Postponed not cancelled. We’re in NRM for the long haul, for our children’s future. Baba hasn’t given up after almost 40 years how can we after less than one? #Resist,” read the NASA response to the over 3,100 comments.

Among those who expressed their frustrations was Veronica Osore who commented: ‘nimechoka sasa, mwana!’ (I am now tired) while Nicholus Musyoki wondered if it was worth the running battles with the police laced with doses of teargas.

Dejected supporters Achiando Achiando, Morris Odhiambo, Francis Onyango also voiced their concern about the lack of a clear way forward where they suggested that it is time for NASA supporters to seek other options for the 2022 General Election.

They bemoaned that they were laughing stocks among their friends who are Jubilee supporters after they followed through with the boycott of products and services provided by companies the coalition identified to be supportive of their competitor during the last elections.

The NASA supporters said they felt that the coalition principals had made a mockery of them by letting them down.

“Kwendendeni huko kabisa na hiyo sherehe yenyu. Kila saa nikuenjoy public eti grand announcement mara mega….ya nini sasa kama mnaogopa. Let’s accept and move on hata kama tutaumia coz u hv really failed us to the ground…nkt!,” Odhiambo said.

“Wow! Can’t believe this, after putting us and the entire country under the anxiety, this is the best option you can come up with? Please let us embrace the current government and we move on….,” Samuel Omollo added.

Ahenda Julius commented: “I now call upon NASA supporters we join hands with jubelee and restore peace between our communities.”

Juliet Ondieki said; “You are a total disappointment to NASA supporters. How could you make others laugh at us as if we are stupid. Why do you keep making press conferences to say nonsense! To hell!”

Tyrus Waloga commented: This coalition called NASA has failed Kenyans I’m disappointed with u infact Kenyans have been waiting for ua direction it seems we are heading nowhere.

Mulehi Manchesterman Hillary said: “What’s wrong with you, we vote 3 times, we boycott elections, we demonstrate against iebc, we lose our loved ones, we lose our pride for the sake of democracy and a better Kenya, but all you can think of is INTERNATIONAL IMAGE!!!! Yawah you have taken us for a ride,,,,,,,, #RIPNASA, meanwhile let’s just go on with NRM, #resist”

But Kura Kwa Vijana were among the few supporters who welcomed the decision to postpone the swearing in through his comment; “ were risking an international diplomatic problem. Yes…you can boast of best lawyers in Kenya but common sense comes in handy as well if you have it…”

Dee-dah Dee urged her fellow supporters to exercise patience and maintain faith in their leaders.

“Only the wise can see through and understand why this hard and disheartening decision had to be taken now while the blind will be irrational and emotional in over-expressing their disappointment and wrath! As for me I will wait and see what unfolds as I’m glued to my resolve,” she said.



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