MPs take SRC to court over pay cut, scrapped allowances

December 14, 2017 2:26 pm
The MPs have accused the SRC of contravening the law in taking the action/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 14 – The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has taken the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to court accusing them of failing to comply  with the law in reviewing remuneration and benefits of State officers.

Under a certificate of urgency, the PSC wants the July 7 gazette notice effecting the new salary structures of Members of the National Assembly  suspended.

The PSC claims in its suit papers that the decision is unreasonable, is discriminatory, ignored relevant considerations and goes against the legitimate expectations of its members.

The commission has accused SRC of failing to conduct a study on labour market efficiency, dynamics on the prevailing economic situation and a comprehensive job evaluation before reviewing and setting the new structures of salaries, remuneration and benefits of state officers.

Particularly, the PSC is offended by SRC’s decision to among other things restructure their allowances.

PSC says the move by SRC to reduce remuneration of MPs serving in the twelfth Parliament is unreasonable as it has failed to take into account the rising cost of living.

Implementation of the same, PSC argues will unduly undermine the efficient operations of the twelfth Parliament.

“The unprocedural  decision will hamper and curtail the MPs in discharging their constitutional mandate,” states lawyer George Miyare .

In addition PSC has faulted SRC for purporting to set the daily subsistence allowance which it instists is its mandate.

Should the high court suspended the implementation of the gazette notice, PSC will seek to institute proceedings to nullify the same.

Also complained of is the move to increase the remuneration of the Deputy Speaker above that of the Majority Leader.



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