Kenyans hope for peace, stability as they prepare to usher in New Year

December 26, 2017 3:03 pm
Children treated to a water park ride at the Two Rivers Mall on Tuesday/FRANCIS MBATHA

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 26 – As Kenyans wait to usher in the New Year and even as they continue to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends, a majority  are hopeful the New Year will bring with it peace and stability now that the political season is over.

Those who spoke to Capital News including Abdul Karim have urged the government to step up its effort in ensuring that Kenyans are more united than ever as unity is crucial towards the development of the country.

“As a country we have gone through a hard-hitting political season that was characterised by sharp divisions. The government should now strive towards uniting Kenyans so that we can build our nation. We are all brothers and sisters and the government needs to lead us from the front in vocalising that message,” said Karim.

Caleb Ochieng who spent his Christmas with his family in the city said 2017 has been a tough year and hopes that now that there is a government in place after the prolonged electioneering period, the government should move fast in intervening in the regulation of food prices.

“The cost of living has been too high this year, it could be attributed to the political uncertainty but I believe the government can do better in the regulation part especially when it comes to food prices,” said Ochieng.

Others like Judith and Mike Odhiambo told Capital News that the government should employ sufficient measures in curbing the rising cases of road carnage especially during the festivities as witnessed in the past few days.

“It cannot be a routine that Kenyans get to die on our Kenyan roads year in year out, there is a way out and the government should help restore sanity on our Kenyan roads,” said Judith.

“National Transport and Safety Authority should be seen working at all times and not only during times when there are cases of accidents. We have had too many deaths over the years on our Kenyan roads especially during the festivities and it needs to end,” said Odhiambo.


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