Get over political hangover, DP Ruto tells public servants

December 8, 2017 5:03 pm
Ruto said the public service plays a central role in ensuring the government meets the expectations of the people and is successful on its agenda/DPPS

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 8 – Deputy President William Ruto has asked public servants to abandon their political hangover and deliver on policies of the elected government.

He said election politics was over and irrespective of the political party one supported, there was a government in place whose manifesto and policies for the country must be implemented.

“Now that we are through with elections, the people expect us to focus our agenda on service delivery. Kenya made a choice. It is our collective responsibility to live up to expectations of taxpayers irrespective of any affiliation.”

Ruto said the public service plays a central role in ensuring the government meets the expectations of the people and is successful on its agenda.

“The beauty of democracy is that you have right to choose… our Constitution vests all authority on people but people delegate that authority to leaders and governments who discharge their mandate through the public service.”

He told public servants to acquaint themselves with the Jubilee agenda, which is found in its manifesto.

“It will be useful if you found a copy of the Jubilee manifesto. It is the platform upon which the government of day was elected,” he added.

Ruto said although every Kenyan was entitled to support parties and leaders of their choice, public servants must now implement policies of the party in power.

He spoke at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre during Public Service Excellence Awards. Present was Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki and Public Service Commissioners.

“We have work to do. There is time for everything. We had time for elections and it is now over. This is time for work, time to serve Kenyans,” he said. It is our collective duty to deliver on the agenda we promise Kenyans.”

Ruto said the Constitution provides Kenyans with freedom to choose leaders who will lead them.

“We live in a country that is democratic and its Constitution’s beauty is the power to choose. The people delegate the power to leaders,” he added.

“An efficient, professional and result oriented public service is critical to any government and country. The Government works through the public service to deliver on its mandate and legitimate expectations of taxpayers irrespective of how they voted.”

Ruto said power and authority dedicated to leaders comes with responsibility to the people.

The Deputy President said elections are about the people, politicians and manifestos, which have to be implemented once the cycle is over.

He said industrialization or provision of universal health care, which Jubilee is keen to deliver, is for the people of Kenya and not any party.

Ruto described the party’s manifesto as the textbook which Kenyans will use again in 2022 General Election to determine whether the party delivered or not.

He said public servants serve Kenyans and not parties.

The award is a recognition scheme established by the Commission in 2015. The Scheme seeks to entrench recognition of outstanding and exemplary performance of public servants, improve employee morale and create a culture of appreciation.

The awards scheme recognises innovations and initiatives that create effectiveness in the Public Service through the introduction of new ideas, and better operational and clear cut management methods which will lead in improved service delivery.

CS Kariuki said public servants were the bedrock of the government and needed to be encouraged to provide better service.

She urged other public servants to emulate those who had been awarded and provide exemplary service.



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