We can do this the easy or hard way, the choice is yours: Kalonzo to Uhuru

December 28, 2017 7:30 pm
Kalonzo speaking at the late Francis Nyenze’s Kitui home/COURTESY

, KITUI, Kenya, Dec 28 – Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has wasted no time in diving into the political deep waters on his return to the country.

Speaking at the home of the late Minority Leader Francis Nyenze in Kitui, Kalonzo maintains that he and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga have not abandoned their quest for electoral justice.

“I am telling my brother Uhuru Kenyatta if he abdicates the responsibility of uniting this nation, he should not blame Raila na Kalonzo tukisema tutaapishwa. Kama hawataki mazungumzo ya kuhakikisha wizi wa kura umekwisha, Kalonzo na Raila wataapishwa… (if they don’t want to dialogue on electoral reforms, then they shouldn’t complain when Raila and Kalonzo are sworn-in),” said the National Super Alliance Co-Principal.

He maintains that the August 8 victory was stolen from them and has assured his supporters that they remain on the path of righteousness.

“My brother Uhuru is telling us that if we want dialogue on electoral reforms we should wait until 2022, so that we can talk with his Deputy William Ruto. But I am telling my brother Uhuru, to whom much is given by whichever means, much is expected. You wield the instruments of power. Therefore my brother Uhuru you have a duty to leave a united country, don’t run away,” he added.

He further reiterated on the need to address on the disputed August elections, insisting if that does not happen they will have no option but to execute their swearing-in as the President and Deputy President of the People’s Assembly.

Kalonzo who has been away in Germany said Kenyans know who won the August 8 presidential election and that cannot be wished away, insisting on electoral justice if the country is to forge ahead.

“You cannot hide the truth by telling Kenyans to accept and move on and that life must go on”, insisted NASA Co-Leader.

The NASA Co-principal in a hard stance said Kenyatta’s government suffers serious legitimacy issues which need be addressed.

“(President Kenyatta), you’ve been given instruments of power but there are serious legitimacy, legal and constitutional issues … I call this power capture by the person given the instruments of power,”  he said.

This was Kalonzo’s first public engagement after he and his wife, Pauline Musyoka jetted back into the country from Germany.

Kalonzo has also thanked the Kenyan people for their wishing his family well in the face of his wife’s health troubles.

The former Vice President has been out of the country for 10 weeks.

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