The so-called People’s Assembly a waste of time – Duale

November 1, 2017 3:42 pm
“Odinga’s formation is not in the constitution. What is found in the Constitution is the Houses Parliament, the National Assembly, Senate and the County Assembles”/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 1 – National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has criticised Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s new formation of the People’s Assembly.

The new political formation was announced Tuesday by Odinga who described the assembly as a means through which they would carry on with the restoration of democracy in line with the law.

The Garissa Township Member of Parliament said the Opposition has run out of ideas and accused them of trying to initiate formations which are not backed by the Constitution and as a result, involving themselves in a waste time.

“Odinga’s formation is not in the Constitution. What is found in the Constitution is the Houses Parliament, the National Assembly, Senate and the County Assembles. Raila Odinga cannot introduce an assembly which is not anchored in the Constitution,” said Duale while reacting to the formation at Parliament precincts.

Odinga who launched the assembly on Tuesday said the assembly which will include among others the civil society, workers’ unions, religious leaders and other interests groups will exist until a legitimate president is installed.

“The people’s assembly will continue to exist until a legitimate presidency is restored,” Odinga said.

Duale said the attempt by Odinga to call for another election in 90 days is an exercise in futility which would not come to pass even if President Uhuru Kenyatta were to engage him in dialogue.

“Our friends in Opposition cannot ask something which is not in the Constitution. There is no provision in the constitution that says that there shall be elections within 90 days, the only elections as anchored in the law include the General Election that comes after every five years, by-elections, presidential and presidential repeat elections as found in article 143 of the Constitution,” said Duale.

Cherangany Member of Parliament Joshua Kutuny who holds a contrary opinion on the subject of the formation of People’s Assembly, believes that Odinga’s statement was a way by the veteran politician to concede defeat to President Kenyatta who was declared the winner of last week’s presidential poll after garnering 7.4 million votes.

“You do not have to be a political analyst or expert to know that ‘Baba’ has given up or conceded. In his statement he was simply asking his supporters to go back to work and accept the verdict. When he talked about the formation of the People’s Assembly that was as good as giving up,” said Kutuny.

The Cherangany lawmaker said that it was imperative for both Kenyatta and Odinga to engage in dialogue so as to forge a way forward for the betterment of the nation.

“Uhuru means well for the country and I am certain that at some point the two leaders will have to put their political differences aside and engage in meaningful talks that will save this country from any form of political turmoil,” he said.



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