Resist perpetrators of extreme dissent – State House

November 21, 2017 5:47 pm
Esipisu described the ruling by the bench of six under the leadership of Chief Justice David Maraga as a vote for the Constitutional path Kenyans chose when they enacted a new Constitution/JEREMIAH WAKAYA

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 21 – State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu Tuesday cautioned that the escalation of dissent as displayed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) in the recent past will not be condoned by the government.

He affirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring the constitutional order is protected by ensuring strict adherence to the law by all citizens; political leaders included.

“We, as Kenyans, must jealously guard our nationhood, and our hard-won peace and security. When dissent escalates and causes injury to innocent Kenyans it becomes an illegality,” Esipisu told a news conference.

“It also becomes a profound betrayal of the hopes of millions of Kenyans who look upon their leaders to ensure that they get a better life. The Presidency condemns all perpetrators of such reckless dissent,” he added.

The presidency’s press secretary also lauded the Supreme Court ruling upholding the October 26 presidential election saying the ruling delivered by the court on Monday was a demonstration that the rule of law prevails above all else.

Esipisu described the ruling by the bench of six under the leadership of Chief Justice David Maraga as a vote for the Constitutional path Kenyans chose when they enacted a new Constitution.

“It is a resounding triumph of the rule of law over the tragedy of chaotic disorder,” he said of the ruling.

“The Supreme Court has affirmed the path designed by the architects of our Republic: a path governed by constitutional institutions and the Rule of Law; a path whose end is order, stability, and prosperity for our Great Nation,” he further remarked.

According to Esipisu, the verdict of the apex court – the second in three months – was a statement of commitment to upholding law and order as opposed to anarchy.

The Constitution and the dictates of the highest court in the land was the way forward to resolving political differences.

He said it was not the intention of President Uhuru Kenyatta to invoke extra-constitutional to resolve political differences.

“Faced with a choice between mediating political differences by law, or by force and street protest, we have chosen the constitutional order,” stated Esipisu.

He said it was the commitment of the Head of State to uphold the rule of law throughout his second and final term in office after his swearing in on Tuesday.

He also assured that no Kenyan will be marginalized based on their political affiliations under President Kenyatta’s administration.

Esipisu said it was regrettable that violence and disorder in some parts of the country had led to the loss of lives but assured that the government will not relent in ensuring every Kenyan is safe.

“He (President Kenyatta) deeply regrets that we lost Kenyans to this violence. He mourns every life lost in the senseless riots. No Kenyan should die because of their political leanings.”

Every citizen, Esipisu said – the Head of State included – is bound by the ruling of the Supreme Court and therefore any attempt to disregard the same would be an outright onslaught on democracy.

“It binds us, as Kenyans, because we have bound ourselves to our Constitution and to the rule of law: indeed, for us to live together in harmony, we must have a common set of rules to which we are all committed,” he said during the media briefing.

“If we remain a country governed by laws, if our people abide by them and their leaders’ actions are circumscribed by them, then we will live in peace in a vibrant democracy, not in fear under tyranny,” Esipisu affixed.

He also said over forty nations including the United Kingdom had sent in their congratulatory messages to President Kenyatta by Monday evening, following the Supreme Court ruling.

Over 100,000 people including foreign leaders and diplomats are expected to grace President Kenyatta’s swearing-in ceremony at the Moi International Sports Centre – Kasarani.

The organizers of the event drawn from the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government as well as Ministry Foreign Affairs are expected to make provision for some 40,000 attendees outside the sports complex which can only hold approximately 60,000 persons.

The oath of office on both the President and the Deputy President will be administered in the presence of the Chief Justice.


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