Kivuti takes stand, says his votes were stolen

November 24, 2017 4:29 pm
Kivuti said independent calculations indicated that he garnered 97,288 votes, against Wambora’s 96,717 and that the final results were manipulated to deny him victory/FILE

, EMBU, Kenya, Nov 24 – Former Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti Friday took the witness stand in an election petition where he is challenging Governor Martin Wambora, telling the court that his victory was stolen and handed to his rival.

Kivuti said independent calculations indicated that he garnered 97,288 votes, against Wambora’s 96,717 and that the final results were manipulated to deny him victory.

He cited various polling stations where his votes and those of his PNU rival Kithinji Kiragu recorded on Forms 37A were reduced while being entered on Form 37B, and those of Wambora inflated.

The first instance was Karau Primary School polling centre where he got 115, Kiragu got 280 and Wambora garnered 102 but what was entered was 95 for him, 166 for Kiragu and 221 for Wambora.

Kivuti claimed that 511 votes were taken away from him and 1,043 added to Wambora.

However, the county returning officer announced that Wambora had won the contest by garnering 97,544 against Kivuti’s 96,597.
“I believe I won the elections held on August 8 and my win was stolen. I witnessed presiding officers doctoring forms 37A at Kangaru school,” he urged Justice William Musyoka.

He claimed that in some instances, the all the aspirants got similar number of votes, while polling streams in same polling stations had similar number of votes.

Kivuti said the results at Karau polling station were similar to that at Embu Urban Primary, same as that of Munyori and Kaweru station and Ugweri 1 and Ugweri 2.

He also cited the three streams at Kamiu Primary School, three at Gatunduri polling station, three at Kirigi Primary school polling stations had similar number of votes.

“The person who was faking that form, was definitely at the tallying centre at Kangaru because the person forgot she was holding the form for Karau and wrote at the bottom Embu Urban Primary school. The results were entered in form 37 B for Karau,” he said.

Kivuti who was being led by his lawyer, Prof Tom Ojienda said 92 forms 37 A were unstamped.
He claimed that some forms were signed by some fake Maendeleo Chap Chap agents, in a well calculated conspiracy to deny him his win.

“These agents could only have been brought in to alter forms 37A to deny me the win. I seek a recount so that we get the correct picture,” said Kivuti.

Kivuti said he would be calling in a journalist who he said had recorded a polls official amending the results.

He claimed that the county Returning Officer announced that the total number of votes cast in Runyenjes constituency were 129,652, 105,700 at Manyatta constituency while the actual number of registered voters was 86,977 and 99,339 respectively.

Kivuti said there were erroneous entries of votes like at Kithunguriri Tea Buying Centre where he got 101 but only 10 were entered.

However, IEBC through lawyer Mwangi Kibicho said discrepancies were minimal and affected all the six gubernatorial candidates.

He showed that in fact Kivuti had his votes increased in some polling stations and that such incidences could have arose due to fatigue given that the gubernatorial votes were the last to be counted.


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