Fuselage of chopper that crashed into Lake Nakuru retrieved

November 19, 2017 4:53 pm
A chopper pulls the wreckage out of Lake Nakuru/CFM

, NAKURU, Kenya, Nov 19 – The wreckage of the chopper that crashed into Lake Nakuru was retrieved on Sunday.

However, hopes of finding the two missing bodies strapped to the cabin were dashed since there was nothing in the wreckage.

The badly damaged chopper was retrieved 30 days after the accident.

The copter crashed into the lake on October 21 and killed all its five occupants.

The five were three bloggers attached to Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, the pilot and a lady friend.

Concerted efforts by a multi-agency team of Kenya Navy, Kenya Police, Kenya wildlife Service, Sonko Rescue Team and Nakuru County Government have been searching for the wreckage and bodies relentlessly.

So far three bodies have been recovered while the other two are missing

The plane was lifted out of the water by a police chopper and placed on an open field within the park where the Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit officers collected details.

NDOC director Charles Owino said the wreckage will then be ferried to Nairobi later

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambo said the multi-agency team successively retrieved the wreckage.

He noted that the team had great expectation that the two remaining bodies would be found there-in.

He added that the search would continue until the bodies are found.

Senator Susan Kihika described the discovery as bitter-sweet because they managed to get the fuselage but not the missing bodies.

Musiambo said the tail boom of the copter is missing adding that the searchers were going to look for that vital part.

He also explained that they had to use strictly government agencies in pulling out the chopper because of the risks involved.


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