‘Dissenting’ NGOs back in Fazul’s cross hairs on account of Soros link

November 6, 2017 4:32 pm
In response to Fazul’s communication on their alleged criminal activities in August, KHRC called into question the legitimacy of the NGO Co-ordination Board and Fazul’s role therein/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 6 – The NGO Coordination Board has directed the Civil Society conglomerates of Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu and We The People to cease operations forthwith.

In a letter to the Kenya Human Rights Commission Executive Director George Kegoro, the Board’s Executive Director Fazul Mahamed has accused the two civil society groupings of operating illegally on account of not having registered with the oversight authority.

He has also accused the two civil society groups of receiving 36 million shillings in funding from the George Soros Foundation to finance politically criminal activities.

“The operations of an amorphous camarilla going by the names of Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu and We The People have subsequently opened and are operating illegal accounts… for purposes of funding political and flagitious operations in Kenya.”

In response, the groups have queried the legitimacy of the NGO Coordination Board – under whose banner Fazul has written to them – and described him as a government henchman being used to keep independent civil society organisations from filing a petition contesting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election victory.

They submitted as evidence of a pattern in intimidation the deregistration of AfriCOG (Africa Centre for Open Governance) and KHRC in August out of what they viewed as fear of a presidential petition emanating from among their ranks.

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