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President Kenyatta rallies Meru voters ahead of fresh poll

The campaign was buoyed by the unity between Governor Kiraitu Murungi and former Governor Peter Munya, who have resolved their differences in order to fortify President Kenyatta’s support in Meru/PSCU

MERU, Kenya, Oct 6 – President Uhuru Kenyatta Friday returned to Meru County to rally the populous region’s voters to deliver victory for him in the October 26 presidential election.

The campaign was buoyed by the unity between Governor Kiraitu Murungi and former Governor Peter Munya, who have resolved their differences in order to fortify President Kenyatta’s support in Meru.

The Head of State also urged the two leaders to resolve all other outstanding issues between them in readiness for the fresh presidential election and for the unity of the county.

He said he will keep the promise he made before the August 8 election, which was nullified by the Supreme Court, that one of the two leaders who does not emerge victorious in the contest for Meru Governorship will get a position in the National Government.

“After October 26, Peter Munya will join us in the National Government as I had promised before,” said the President when he spoke at Laare, the first of more than 10 rallies he addressed.

President Kenyatta urged voters in the region to be ready to turn out in large numbers to cast their ballot on October 26.

He called on Jubilee supporters to use the ballot to make an emphatic expression of their will and to reject those who are scheming to create tension and discord in the county.
The President said the Opposition had wanted to cause instability after the nullification of his victory in the hope that a coalition government would be created to accommodate them.

“They wanted conflict so that they can get a place in a nusu mkate (Coalition Government) we choose the ballot instead of conflict,” said the President.

He described Jubilee as a national party that gives opportunities to all in leadership, including youth and women.

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“We in Jubilee believe in the ability of our youth and women. The opposition is composed of old men who want everything for themselves and do not want to give opportunities to the youth and women,” said President Kenyatta when he addressed a rally at Maua Stadium.

He announced that some residents who lodged a case against the disbursement of funds for the miraa sector have agreed to withdraw the suit. He said the funds will be released soon to support miraa farmers.

President Kenyatta also announced that security along the Meru-Isiolo border has been boosted with the government posting 200 police officers to the area. He also said 100 police reservists will be recruited to improve security.

Deputy President William Ruto said he was happy with the unity between Kiraitu and Munya as well as all other leaders who competed against each other in the August 8 election.

“We are happy all Meru leaders are united. Munya is here with Kiraitu and President Kenyatta should get 100 per cent of the votes on October 26,” said the DP.

He said the choice for Kenyans is easy because President Kenyatta is a leader focused on development and progress, while his rival concentrates on demonstrations and incitement.

“When Uhuru is planning development, Raila is planning demonstrations. While Uhuru is preaching unity, Raila is preaching tribalism, deceit and con games. When Uhuru is going to ask Kenyans to vote for him, the other guy is busy scheming to subvert the will of Kenyans,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President said Kenya’s unity and stability is a priority for the Jubilee leadership and that was one of the biggest reasons why they readily accepted the Supreme Court’s order for a fresh election.

“We agreed to a fresh election because Uhuru is a peace loving leader and because we trust in God and Kenyans,” said DP Ruto. “We defeated (Raila) with 1.4 million votes but he said that was not enough. Now we want to defeat him with 4 million votes.”

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Governor Kiraitu said he has resolved his differences with his rival in the August 8 election, and they are working together to deliver all the Meru votes for President Kenyatta.

Munya said all leaders in Meru have resolved their differences and will work together to campaign for Jubilee.

The President and his deputy addressed rallies in Laare, Kangeta, Maili Tatu, Maua, Kianjai and Karama on their way to Meru town.

Elected leaders and former MPs spoke at the rallies.


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