NGOs Council calls for resignation of Mwilu, Lenaola

September 19, 2017 6:59 pm
Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Judges Jackton Ojwang and Isaac Lenaola/MOSES MUOKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 19 – The National Council of NGOs is now calling for the resignation of two Supreme Court Judges: Philemona Mwilu and Isaac Lenaola whose integrity and independence has been questioned in a petition filed at the Judicial Service Commission.

In a statement, the statutory membership body says the details in the damning petitioned filed on Monday is reason enough to get the judges step aside to pave way for investigations because it puts to question their integrity when they handled the presidential petition filed last month by Raila Odinga who was challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory.

“These allegations certainly bring to the fore a great and sinking feeling that Kenya did not get an unbiased decision in the petition from its last refuge for justice. This has severely eroded confidence in the Supreme Court and the judgment it delivered on the case,” reads part of the statement.

The petitioner says he has sufficient evidence to show that the two judges were in constant communication with Odinga’s side and believe they must have been comprised to rule in his favour.

The NGOs Council now wants the Judicial Service Commission to urgently investigate the claims to ascertain if they are guilty before their subsequent removal process can kick off in line with the constitution.

“The Deputy Chief Justice, Philemona Mbete Mwilu should immediately step aside pending investigations and determination by the Judicial Service Commission,” Council Chairman Stephen Cheboi stated.

Further, he has also called on the Judicial Service Commission to speedily institute investigations into the matter with a view of ascertaining the level of criminal and civil culpability of the mentioned SCOK judges.

“While all cases are equal in the eyes of justice and parties to the case, presidential election petitions carry an extraordinary weight and impact to the existential life of the state,” he added.

The petition – which alleges that lawyers representing the National Super Alliance were in contact with some judges of the Supreme Court in the course of the Presidential petition – dominated online conversations on Tuesday.

Further, the Council has demanded that the Judicial Service Commission publicise the disciplinary process to the people of Kenya in line with the Constitution.


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