Kibera celebrates after Supreme Court ruling

September 1, 2017 4:24 pm
Odinga’s supporters took to the streets waving twigs, carrying his portraits and dancing/MUTHONI NJUKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 1 – The nullification the August 8 presidential election results by the Supreme Court was received with joy and celebrations in Kibera, a stronghold of NASA’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Crowds poured in the streets with placards chanting different NASA songs as they welcome the historic ruling. Some of the people who spoke to Capital FM News hailed the Supreme Court as an independent judgment.

“I wanted a solution from the Supreme Court led by Justice David Maraga. This case wasn’t about Raila or Uhuru, it was about Kenya,” one of them said. “We came out to vote and I felt like my vote didn’t matter. I’m happy with the ruling. Thank you Maraga,” one of the supporters added.

Most of the people who were celebrating hailed CJ Maraga and the bench as courageous and resisted succumbing to any pressure.

“Maraga is a man. He didn’t fear. He made the ruling for the sake of Kenya. Maraga has sorted this country,” she said.

However, there were many messages of peace to Kenyans coming from those who were celebrating.

“I would want to urge all Kenyans to have love, clean hearts, people who are . They should know that this Kenya isn’t for Jubilee or NASA. It is for everyone,” she said.

Raila Odinga was also praised for his resilience and choosing to go to court to contest the results.

“If Raila would have been a weak man, he would have given up. But I’m happy that he didn’t give up. May the Lord who made him add him wisdom and long life,” one of the people celebrating said.

While there were groups celebrating on the road, a considerable number of residents were carrying on with their duties unperturbed.


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