Clinical officers issue fresh ultimatum before ending strike

September 16, 2017 11:17 am


The public health crisis is worsening in the country as nurses remain on strike for weeks. Photo/FILE.
NAIROBI, Kenya, Sept 16 – Clinical officers have given the government until Monday to release the new job grading structure failure to which they will remain on strike.

In a statement, General Secretary George Gibore said that should this not happen, all clinical officers will converge at Uhuru Park on Monday and engage in demonstrations.

“We therefore are left with no option but to withdraw our services and present ourselves to SRC so they can give us the report. It’s not time to doubt ourselves, it’s not time for descenting voices, it’s not time for faint hearted. It’s time for total unity and solidarity. We need to move with one accord, one direction and will,” he said.

Among a host of other grievances, the clinical officers accused the devolved units of failing to pay their salaries without any explanation or apology, terming the move illogical and insensitive.

They further alleged that their employers had reneged on an agreement to evaluate their salaries, terms and conditions of work.

According to Gibore, they want the Salaries and Remunerations Commission to release the salary evaluation results.
They are also seeking that the government should effect a payment programme for clinical officer interns with diplomas as provided for by the internship policy.



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