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Uhuru’s final plea: Turn out and vote, but do so peacefully

President Uhuru Kenyatta makes a televised Address to the Nation at State House, Nairobi, August 7th 2017/PSCU

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 7 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged all eligible voters to turn up in great numbers exercise their democratic right by voting for candidates of their choice.

He asked voters to cast their ballots and head back home to await the outcome.

“Go back to your neighbour. Regardless of where he/she comes from, their tribe, their colour or their religion, your neighbour is your brother. Your neighbour is your sister,” he said adding that how people vote should not in any way reflect or change the manner in which one relates to their neighbour.

“Shake their hand, share a meal and tell them ‘let us wait for the results’ for Kenya will be here long after this general election.”

He said the country’s forefathers would be proud of the progress Kenyans have made together and the resilience and strength shown when faced with hardship and adversity.

“I am thoroughly encouraged by the resilience of our people. We don’t run away from challenges; instead we embrace them together. Our history as a nation is defined by our ability, time and time again, to unite and achieve the impossible, not to simply complain from the sidelines.”

He said he was aware that many Kenyans are still struggling there is still much to be done.

He recalled that Kenya’s founders struggled so that we would all have a better Kenya and a better future.

“They gave us the greatest gift any son or daughter could ask for; they gave us a home. They gave us our beautiful nation,” he said.

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He reminded citizens that Kenya is the only home they have.

“It is the only home we know. Our children look to us to show them the way, to pass to them a country that is in a better state than that, that was left to us. We must not disappoint the founders of this nation and equally we must not betray our children.”

He expressed of a brighter, happier, more prosperous and peaceful days for all Kenyans.

“I see a future where everyone can share in the wealth and prosperity of a modern, 21st century nation,” he concluded.

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