Uhuru sets out expectations of Nairobi leaders elected under Jubilee banner

August 19, 2017 4:52 pm
President Kenyatta addresses the elected leaders/PSCU

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 19 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has told Nairobi Jubilee leaders that they must avoid squabbles when they take office and deliver real change to the capital city’s residents.

When he met elected leaders – from Governor-elect, Senator-elect, to MPs-elect and MCAs-elect, the President said resolving the city’s challenges was why they were voted in.

“Nairobians want to see efficient garbage collection, clean water, better traffic flow. In short, they want to see a rapid and significant improvement in service delivery,” the President said.

President Kenyatta congratulated the politicians for their poll victories but warned them that not focusing on the lives of Nairobians would cost them public confidence.

“Most of you have been elected for the first time, don’t allow power to get into your head, I have seen many taking that route and they failed. Wananchi are our bosses and that’s why we want to change Nairobi for the benefit of wananchi,” said President Kenyatta.

He said Jubilee leaders need to work as a team to transform Nairobi and deliver quality, improved services required by Nairobi residents.

“We want to change Nairobi, not for the benefit of leaders, and not for the benefit of the few who are able to make it on their own, but for the majority who depend on us to change their lives,” said the President.

The President said time has come for elected leaders to put in place policies, which would transform citizen’s lives.

“If it is celebration please be moderate and thereafter start offering services. Kenyans who elected you are watching and after some time they will start questioning as to whether you are fulfilling what you promised,” he added.

The President noted that Kenyans now understand the power of a vote and if leaders fail to deliver then after five years they would be shown the door by wananchi.

The President urged them to continue preaching peace and unity amongst Nairobi residents and also initiate all-inclusive programmes which would transform the lives of young people.

“Please preach peace, tell wananchi in every estate to live together peaceful even as leaders sort themselves out. I’m counting on you to be peace ambassadors,” President Kenyatta told Nairobi Jubilee elected leaders.

Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Mbuvi Sonko who led the team said now that Jubilee won majority seats in Nairobi, leaders will work to implement Jubilee’s transformative agenda and improve services.

He said he doesn’t understand why the opposition is crying foul over the General Election outcome and yet it is clear Jubilee won fairly as reflected by the number of seats it has won from MCAs to governorship.

“We don’t understand why NASA is  saying the election was stolen, if you look at Nairobi we won the majority seats from Members of County Assembly to Members of Parliament,” said the Nairobi Governor-elect.

“Nairobi has been under opposition leadership for long but for the first time it is now under the ruling party,” he added.

Other speakers who included Senator-elect Johnson Sakaja and MP-elect Yusuf Hassan Abdi pledged to work together as a team so as to transform Nairobi and deliver quality services to the city residents.

“We will support our governor without any problem to ensure quality services to Nairobi residents,” said Kamukunji MP elect Yusuf Abdi.

In the just concluded election, Jubilee party won nine seats for members of parliament and 46 seats for members of county assembly in Nairobi County.


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