Newly elected governors give striking nurses September 8 ultimatum

August 31, 2017 6:32 pm
The Council of Governors Chairman Josphat Nanok/COURTESY

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 31 – County governments have given striking nurses until September 8 to return to work or face the sack.

Following a consultative meeting held Thursday, Chair the Council of Governors Joseph Nanok said the draft CBA is unrealistic and has called on the Salaries and Remuneration to carry out a re-evaluation on which new terms can be negotiated.

“From the consultations amongst county governments and the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC), the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) as demanded by nurses cannot be implemented in its current form.”

“The nurses’ strike is illegal. It is notable that the nurses went on strike while the negotiations on their CBA were taking place. This was an act of bad faith,” stated the Chair Nanok.

The Council assured the nurses who return to work before the set deadline will face no victimisation but said it will, moving forward, engage nurses on a contract basis.

“There will be no victimisation of the nurses who participated in the strike, counties will withdraw all show cause letters issued before this date, counties will pay all unpaid salaries,” said Nanok, “Payment of salaries to the striking nurses will be stopped immediately.”

The council also assured that negotiations for the CBA will proceed and finalised.

Thereafter, the counties will advertise the positions of the nurses.

Moving forward, the Council stated that it will engage nurses on a contract basis.

“This is currently happening in some counties and the same practice will be adopted by all the 47 counties,” stated Nanok.

In this event, interested candidates will make applications to the specific counties where they would like to work in.

The nurses strike which the governors have consistently called illegal, has gone on for 89 days  having began well before there was a change of guard in the counties following the August 8 General Election.


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