Court order paves way for MV Jambo launch by Uhuru

August 1, 2017 5:15 pm
Kenya ferry managing director Bakari Gowa with lawyer Elijah Kitur and Cecil Miller at Mombasa law court on August 1st 2017 in a case where consultancy firm had sued KFS for a wrongful termination of contract. Mombasa high has given a go-ahead for launching of new ferry MV Jambo. President Uhuru Kenyatta will be attending/CFM NEWS

, MOMBASA, Kenya, Aug 1 – The High Court in Mombasa on Tuesday lifted an injunction stopping the launch of MV Jambo ferry by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa.

The launch had been delayed by a court pending hearing and determination of an application by a local company that had raised issues about safety and quality of two new ferries procured from Turkey.

According to court records, Bonriz Insurance Marine Surveyors filed the case under a certificate of urgency while raising serious claims regarding quality and safety of the new vessels.

The company, which was contracted by KFS to carry out assessment of two ferries, also raised questions regarding price adjustments on the vessels.

The launch had been scheduled for July 27.

Judge Erick Ogolla’s ruling allowed the KFS to use the vessels in ferrying commuters and motorists at the Likoni ferry channel.

Judge Ogolla said court had no reasons in doubting some of the decisions made by the KFS in making sure the safety of the users was guaranteed and timely delivery of the ferries.

He said KFS had through lawyer Cecil Miller proven that the safety was guaranteed as they had produced a certificate of verification issued by Bureau Veritas Marine Division.

This will also allow the sea-testing of the much awaited MV Jambo.

The launch of the ferry will come as a relief to 30,000 ferry users and 6,000 motorists who uses the channel on a daily basis.

However the court suspended construction of the second ferry which was supposed to be delivered by December.

Ogolla said the temporary suspension orders will stay in place until the conclusion of the matter.


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