Ditch the loser, join the winning team: Uhuru urges Kambas

July 1, 2017 4:58 pm
President Kenyatta when he campaigned in Makueni/PSCU

, MAKUENI, Kenya, Jul 1 — President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday said the August 8 election was about a Jubilee team offering jobs and a clear path to prosperity against an Opposition that is based on tribalism and selfish interests.

The President called on all Kenyans to choose the path already paved by Jubilee for the welfare of every Kenyan. He said the Opposition has failed to present an alternative worth considering and had delivered an agenda rich in pursuit of power for personal gain.

“There are two roads. There is the road which we have already paved with progress where there is free maternal health care, free examinations, increased connections to electricity, the Standard Gauge Railway,  better health care and more,” said the President at Kambu, Makueni County, during the second day of a campaign swing of Lower Eastern.

He said the Jubilee Administration was offering a clear path to jobs – including 100,000 paid internships – while the Opposition team’s first priority is to spend Sh20 billion to create jobs for three men.

“The Opposition team is obsessed with power for themselves. These men want to create three positions of power for themselves rather than create jobs for the millions of Kenyans who actually need them. They want to spend Sh20 billion or more to create those three jobs,” President Kenyatta told a meet-the-people event.

“For us in Jubilee, we are working to deliver prosperity for all Kenyans. We want to spend the same Sh20 billion to provide Internships to 100,000 graduates from universities and technical institutes – effectively starting them up the job market,” he said in a pointed message to Kenya’s youth.

The President also compared the change-the-constitution cost with the Sh1.4 billion he was deploying to a water project to serve 125,000 people in neighbouring Kitui County.

The President said the leading opposition figures have no agenda for Kenya and were only banking their bid on ethnic basis.

He said none of those in the opposition has anything to show for all the years they were running government.

“There is nothing they have done for a collective period of 100 years or more they served in government that has brought any benefit for Kenyans. All they trade in are stories and insults,” said the President, who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto.

The President also reminded Kenyans that the people now saying they want to change the constitution are the same ones who told Kenyans that it should not be revised – even by the insertion of a comma, before it was adopted in 2010.

“Was he (Opposition leader) Raila Odinga not the one who said that not even a comma should be removed and was insulting (Wiper leader) Kalonzo (Musyoka), calling him a watermelon,” said the President.

The President and DP Ruto also expressed confidence they will defeat the opposition more convincingly than 2013.

“We trounced them in 2013 when they were running government and we were in the wilderness and also carrying a heavy burden on our shoulders. Who thinks that they can defeat us today?,” said the President.

The President spoke as he stepped up his tour of the region, where the Jubilee Party is also putting its might on display.

President Kenyatta also mocked the opposition for calling him and the DP children of KANU, the independence party. He said Musyoka was a senior official in KANU for a long time, while others in the Opposition had also held senior posts there.

Jubilee Party Candidate for Governor of Makueni County, Gideon Ndambuki, said majority of the people have decided to rally behind President Kenyatta’s re-election.

“We the people of Makueni have decided. We will not abandon you because we know what is good for us,” said Ndambuki.

The President and his deputy who were accompanied by leaders from the region were scheduled to visit Matiliku and Kisau, Mbooni Constituency before wrapping up their visit at Mukaa.



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