MPs task Nkaissery over billions he wants to spend in 3 weeks

June 6, 2017 3:39 pm
Of the proposals made, the Interior Ministry needs Sh2 billion for Internally Displaced Persons and Sh1.7 billion for the National Police Service operations/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 6 – Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery was on Tuesday hard-pressed to justify why he needs a supplementary budget of billions of shillings yet the financial year is set to end in about three weeks time.

Of the proposals made, the Interior Ministry needs Sh2 billion for Internally Displaced Persons and Sh1.7 billion for the National Police Service operations.

Members of the Committee on Administration and National Security were concerned that if approved, it may lead to a spending spree and result in misappropriation of public funds.

The CS on his part however said the funds are crucial since other than dealing with emerging security challenges the supplementary budget is set to also cover compensation of Internally Displaced Persons.

Other issues include “change in trends of crime that includes cyber security crimes, cyber bullying, money laundering, increased incidents of terrorism and extremism, youth unemployment and cases of radicalisation.”

Also on his list was political intolerance more so during the election period, hate speech and incitement by political leaders and “inadequate 2017 election budget, negative ethnicity and inadequate housing for police.”

Of great concern to Nyandarua Woman Representative, Wanjiku Muhia and MPs from Kisii and Luo Nyanza was what they termed as an outright discrimination of the IDPs from their regions.

It was a topic that led to a heated debate and calm only resumed after the intervention of the Committee Chairperson Asman Kamama.

The legislators demanded to know a breakdown of all IDPs in the country per counties and a comprehensive report on how the government intends to compensate all of them.

“We want their issues to be concluded once and for all,” the Nyandarua Woman Representative said.

“The problem here is that the IDPs keep on increasing; going forward it looks like it will not be manageable. Can the ministry come up with a formula so that after 10 years we are able to do away with the issue of the IDPs?”

On his part, the CS says the government is set to vet all IDPs countrywide to ensure only the genuine ones benefits from the funds.

The CS was also tasked to highlight some of the measures the government has taken to ensure there is no repeat of the 2007-2008 violence that led to over 1,000 deaths.

On emerging security issues, the legislators, who made reference to insecurity in Kayole where youths including girls have been killed by police, wanted to know how the menace can be curbed.

Then want a probe carried out to establish what was motivating the youths in those areas to join crime other than unemployment and who is financing or giving them firearms.

“Will you be just sending the police to kill these beautiful girls?” the Nyandarua legislator asked.

“We cannot continue killing these young girls and young boys. Are we really solving the problem by killing them?”

Tens of youths more so in Kayole have been killed, mostly members of Gaza, a criminal gang in the area.


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