Industrialisation key for growth as Jubilee set to unveil manifesto

June 25, 2017 4:29 pm


Jubilee Party will unveil itys manifesto on Monday. Photo/PSCU.
KAIMOSI, Kenya June 25 – President Uhuru Kenyatta says that rapid industrialisation was at the heart of the next phase of Kenya’s development and would see millions more people lifted out of poverty.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the Jubilee Manifesto 2017, President Kenyatta signaled that the phase for laying a strong foundation for growth was now done.

“The aircraft is on the runway and controllers have given go-ahead for take-off. Kenya is very much there,” an official in the presidency said, with insights on the manifesto set to be launched on Monday.

“The theme is close to that of continuity, while embracing and implementing change. You will find some of the proposals really radical, but the President has already shown that he has big ambition for the country,” the official added.

On the Campaign trail, the President and Deputy President have already indicated that they want to deepen some of their most successful programmes.

These include expanding electricity access. Having doubled the number of households with a bulb in their homes, Jubilee is likely to push for closer to universal access, while ensuring that cheap energy is available to power industry.

The SGR to Kisumu from Naivasha is already in their plans but an even more practical proposal is the refurbishment of more than 1,000 kilometers of meter gauge rail, allowing the old network to return to use.

Tarmac king of roads, improving airports, and building of dams will complete the infrastructure juggernaut.

On the Campaign, the President has spoken about.

1. Graduate internships for all university, middle level colleges and Technical colleges. Will give 100,000 graduates jobs for 12-18 months leading to permanent jobs or giving crucial experience.

2. One-year NHIF cards to mothers at post-natal stage as follow-up free maternity.

3. Food security and rejuvenation of agriculture and agri-processing. President has already written off billions of shillings in debt to farmers over last couple of months to give them clean slate.

4. NHIF reform as pillar of universal health care likely to be fully rolled out.

“Billions of shillings of investments in energy, roads, clean water, irrigation, and healthcare provide a condusive environment for investors to plough cash in the area and other parts of the country,” DP Ruto said in Maua Saturday.

Special economic zones and dry ports also a major plank of industrialisation. EPZs likely to get further encouragement after successful sale of apparels in Nairobi and across Kenya.

Rehabilitation of infrastrucrure in towns also part if industrialisation plan. In Maua for example, President Kenyatta said the roads in the town will be upgraded at the cost of Sh1.1 billion to prepare the town for its transformation into a major city.

He announced that Sh700 has already been deployed to improve sewage system.


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