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Come out and vote, leave no doubt we’ll carry the day on Aug 8: Uhuru

The President returned to Nairobi to attend a peace prayer service at the Nyayo National Stadium, which was attended by more than 4,000 members of Akorino Churches/PSCU

THIKA, Kenya, Jun 19 – President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday urged Kiambu County residents to ensure they vote in large numbers to ensure Jubilee Party wins by a big margin.

The President and his deputy said their plan is to ensure that they defeat opposition leader Raila Odinga by an unassailable margin so that he does not get excuses to make claims of rigging.

The President and his deputy said they are aware of the opposition leader’s plan to make claims of rigging after he loses in the polls.

The two leaders, who spoke in Thika, said the opposition knows it does not stand any chance of winning an election against the Jubilee Party.

“The opposition knows it will lose the election and we know what they are planning,” said the President as he blasted Raila for the second time today over hate statements.

“Their plan is to claim that the election was stolen from them but we know the antidote for that. It is a huge voter turnout so that we send them home for good,” said the President.

The Deputy President said the statements made by Raila in Kajiado are unacceptable, adding that the opposition had resorted to incitement because they lacked genuine ideas for the progress of the country.

“We are telling you that your type of politics is poor politics and what you are doing is unacceptable,” said the DP.

Leader of Majority Aden Duale said Raila is engaging in the same kind of politics that the opposition used to create conflict in 2007.

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“In 2007, the Deputy President and I were in the same party with Raila. He used the politics of 41 tribes against one and Kenyans fought. We will not allow him to do the same this time,” said Duale.

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria said the Government should take action against the Opposition leader for inciting Kenyans against each other.

The President and the DP said the Jubilee government will continue with its transformative development agenda that has seen Kenyans get better services from the government.

In Kiambu County alone, they said, the number of homesteads with electricity was tripled by the Jubilee government in the last four years. The government, they added, is also building 300 kilometres of tarmac road in the county.

The President and the DP, who were accompanied by Kiambu leaders led by gubernatorial candidate Ferdinand Waititu, urged residents of the county to vote for Jubilee Party candidates to ensure the party maintains its majority in the legislature.

They started their visit to the county by attending a prayer service at the St Peter and Paul Catholic Church.

After the service, they addressed a public rally in Kiambu town before they split up. The DP went on with the tour of Kiambu while the President returned to Nairobi to attend a peace prayer service at the Nyayo National Stadium, which was attended by more than 4,000 members of Akorino Churches.

After the service, President Kenyatta assured that the government will bring to an end all forms of discrimination against members of the Church.

He said schools that segregate against Akorinos because of their style of dressing will be denied State funding and will face further actions.

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