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We’ll trounce NASA early morning on August 8 – Jubilee

They said the main reason why NASA was keen on having a parallel tallying centre was to declare Odinga the winner, then cause chaos/DPPS

NAROK, Kenya, May 1 – A section of Jubilee leaders including Deputy President William Ruto have told the National Super Alliance (NASA) to be ready to concede defeat come the August General Election.

Speaking during a Sunday service at the Nkaroni Primary School grounds in Narok County organised by the Deliverance Church, the leaders told the NASA outfit that they would not tolerate any lawlessness from them once defeated.

They took issue with comments attributed to one of the NASA leaders that they will declare their own candidate a winner, even if they lose.

Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim while appearing on a local television station said they would declare Raila Odinga the winner.

The leaders were National Assembly Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso, Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo Marakwet), Aaron Cheruiyot (Kericho), Beatrice Elachi (nominated), Korei Lemein (Narok South), Soipan Tuya (Narok) and Governor Samuel Tunai (Narok).

They said the main reason why NASA was keen on having a parallel tallying centre was to declare Odinga the winner, then cause chaos.

Murkomen said what NASA wants to do is what is happening in Nyanza where certificates for winning candidates are handed to their rivals in each county.

The leaders said the NASA line-up was the same that was defeated by Jubilee in 2013 and it would suffer the same fate.

Cheruiyot said the Opposition was only interested in creating jobs for its top leaders at the expense of serving Kenyans.

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Soipan wondered why the Opposition had put the country in suspense for more than three years only to come up with an outfit similar to that of 2013.

“In fact during the Opposition’s Uhuru Park rally last week, there was no agenda for the country as most speakers focused on the President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto,” said Soipan.

The Deputy President said the government was ready and prepared to face the Opposition since Jubilee’s development track record speaks for itself.

“Our agenda for Kenyans speaks for itself as we have implemented most of the promises we made to Kenyans,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President said Kenyans were more enlightened and would not be misled to support individuals who had no focus for the country.
Ruto said while Jubilee was committed to creating jobs for millions of Kenyans, the Opposition was busy creating jobs for its top leaders.

“While our agenda is to initiate projects that can uplift the lives of Kenyans, our competitors’ agenda and priority is to divide seats among themselves,” said Ruto.

He asked all Jubilee leaders to work together especially now that nominations were over asking those who lost during the nominations to support the winners.

Murkomen dismissed the NASA line-up as nothing but a ploy to create jobs for its top leadership when Kenyans were yearning for leaders who would address challenges facing them.

He said majority of Kenyans had faith in Jubilee leadership since it was committed to transforming their lives through initiation of development projects.

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“We want to tell our friends in the Opposition that they should be ready to concede defeat come August elections because NASA candidates are the same ones we beat in 2013 and there is nothing new they can offer this country,” said Murkomen.

The leaders exuded confidence that the Jubilee Party will win by more than 50 per cent because it has agenda for the country.

They urged Kenyans to elect leaders who have the interest of Kenyans at heart and not those who undermine the unity of the nation.

Murkomen said the Opposition numbers were decreasing following inroads by the Jubilee Party in their strongholds.

The leaders wondered why the Opposition was criticising Jubilee Party nominations and yet its nomination exercise was shambolic and in most cases ended up in chaotic situations with some certificates issued to favoured candidates at the expense of those who won fairly.

“We all saw what happened during the Opposition nomination exercise where people like Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o and Governor Jack Ranguma were declared winners at the same time during the Kisumu gubernatorial elections,” said Murkomen.

Cheruiyot said Opposition messed up with its nomination exercise and could not be trusted to lead millions of Kenyans.

“If people cannot manage nominations involving few people, where on earth can they be trusted to lead millions of people?’ asked Cheruiyot.

The leaders, at the same time, took issue with Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto decision to work with the Opposition ahead of the August elections.

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They accused him of being used by the Opposition to divide the Kalenjin community and pave way for a NASA candidate to win the August elections.

“We will not allow some few individuals to divide the Kalenjin community for their selfish gains. Our community is firmly behind the leadership of the Deputy President,” said Murkomen.

“Jubilee can give a better position to Isaac Ruto other than the one he has been promised by NASA which is equivalent to assistant minister,” added Murkomen.

Tunai said it was wrong for Governor Ruto to continue undermining the leadership of the Deputy President.

“Mr Ruto should stop issuing inciting statements against communities who are living peacefully in Narok County,” said Tunai.

He said plans by NASA to appoint him the position of deputy premier, which was not in the Constitution, was affront on the constitution.

Tunai told the Bomet Governor to keep off matters affecting the people of Narok and concentrate on issues pertaining to his county.

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