Munya says devolution successful despite challenges

May 22, 2017 12:55 pm


NAIROBI, May 22 – Devolution has made major strides in reviving the country’s economy and improving the welfare of Kenyans, according to Council of Governors Chairman Peter Munya.

While releasing a state of Devolution report at the end of his term in office, Munya pointed out that although devolution has faced myriad challenges, there is positive impact felt by Kenyans.

“Challenges of inclusivity, people being marginalized…they are challenges that were brought in by an over-centralized system of Government. So far a lot of resources have been set aside and taken to County’s and all Kenyans can bear witness that devolution is transforming this country in a big way,” he said.

On health, Munya says billions of shillings have been utilised to improve the sector through increased health facilities, training of medics, acquiring advanced medical equipment among others.

Currently, he said, there are 4,080 doctors working at County facilities and 5,557 doctors at National referral facilities, making a growth of 4,637 doctors.

“In 2012, there were only 3,757 nurses while currently the number of nurses at County facilities stands at 24, 373 while those at the National referral facilities are 1,224,” he stated, adding that “this an improvement from the previous era when health was the function of the Central Government.”

Munya noted that the distribution of health workers is yet to meet the international accepted standards.

With the increased numbers of health workers, he said they had also harmonized their relationship with them through increased remuneration and improving their working condition.

“County’s understand that Universal health coverage and investment in health system can accelerate both National and global efforts to ensure access to health care to anyone who needs it and leaving anyone behind,” he asserted.

He however, admits that devolution is facing myriad challenges –including corruption which has slowed down development.


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