Kalonzo dismisses Sh146mn Foundation donor cash claim

May 3, 2017 5:23 pm
He absolved President Uhuru Kenyatta from blame but pointed an accusing finger at his Deputy William Ruto whom he accused of using the Board to undermine him/FILE

, NAIROBI, Kenya, May 3 – The National Super Alliance (NASA) running mate, Kalonzo Musyoka, has dismissed the suspension of operations at his Foundation by the NGO Coordination Board over unaccounted Sh146 million donor funds, instead describing it as a political witch-hunt.

While revealing that the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation has helped over 2,000 people, he stated that no letter was received from the NGO Coordination Board, or any court order served on them.

He absolved President Uhuru Kenyatta from blame but pointed an accusing finger at his Deputy William Ruto whom he accused of using the NGO Board to frustrate him.

“If Jubilee has an enemy, it is this person because Kenyans can see through this victimization, political persecution. We have not been served with any court order; you cannot freeze accounts with no court order and even the money there is not a lot. This is terrible,” he stated.

In response to the claims against Ruto, the DP’s office issued a statement saying Musyoka’s political frustrations ere clear for all to see.

“The Deputy President is too busy to waste time on such things. However, we know Musyoka’s statement is meant to serve some political interest.

Ruto said Musyoka respond to specific questions irrespective of who is asking and stop looking for scapegoats.

“Accountability is not a choice. Musyoka owes it to Kenyans and his donors.”

At the briefing, Musyoka produced a letter from the Board dated April 10 which gave the Foundation a clean bill of health and stressed that the Foundation has never handled the purported amount of money.

“We have reviewed your submissions in response to the above-mentioned compliance notice namely, submissions towards regularisation of bank accounts held and operated under the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation, board minutes, bank account numbers and signatories to these accounts,” the letter signed by NGO Board Executive Director Fazul Mohamed stated.

“Our records have thus been duly updated. We, therefore, wish to inform you that the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation is now compliant with the NGOs Coordination Act 1990, the attendant regulations and terms and conditions of registration,” the NGO Board said.

During the press briefing, Musyoka stressed that the latest developments had strengthened their resolve to maintain their political cause.

“In fact, he has given us the energy to continue fighting even more. This is because this is a recipe for disaster if Fazul can write one thing today and another day something different, what kind of person is he?” he said.

He further explained that the foundation was not given the Sh50 million from the China Youth Development Foundation for the construction of classrooms in Ukambani in cash but that it was through building materials.

Musyoka is the Trustee and Patron of the Foundation while his wife Pauline is listed as the Trustee and Chairperson. The third official is named as Martha Mulwa, Treasurer.

In the letter dated May 2, the Board’s Executive Director Fazul Mahamed dissolved the entire Board of Directors of the Foundation and ordered the fund accounts frozen.

The Financial Reporting Centre has also been requested to assist the Board in investigating the Foundation’s involvement in money laundering and diversion of the donor aid.

Mahamed also claimed the Foundation has been submitting false returns to the NGO Board.

The Board claimed the Foundation bank accounts are operated by total strangers contrary to the provisions of the enabling Kenyan charity law and existing financial regulations.

Mahamed had in March written to the Foundation demanding it discloses within 14 days the source of funds into the account and projects they were intended for.

In the letter dated March 1, the Board threatened unspecified legal action against the Foundation if it fails to comply within the next two weeks.


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