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Politicians to be surcharged if outdoor advert payments not met

Ntoiti stated that some aspirants put their posters on beer bottles and bread wrappers in a bid to get as much support as possible/CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 21 – The Nairobi County Government says politicians will be surcharged directly if outdoor advertising companies default on payments for their adverts.

Sub-county Administration Chief Officer John Ntoiti told Capital FM News that aspirants putting up unapproved banners and campaign posters in unauthorized places will also be arrested and charged.

He urged billboard owners to ensure their records are clean as the county will directly surcharge clients for arrears.

“If the owner of the billboard has not made his record straight, then we shall bill the aspirants directly,” he warned.

Ntoiti stated that some aspirants put their posters on beer bottles and bread wrappers in a bid to get as much support as possible.

“So you can be sure that some of those posters that have been put in weird places, even on walls of people’s residences and other areas have not been approved. There are these levies that need to be paid and failure to do that will lead to punitive charges,” he said.

He explained that City Hall will embark on a major cleanup after the polls as the city centre is awash with campaign posters pinned on walls and banners put up on buildings.

“We know the politicians have paid for the billboards but some companies just don’t want to pay us. Their clients will feel the pinch,” Ntoiti cautioned.

He urged aspirants to also ensure that all banners and posters are approved by the county before they are posted.

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He stated that all of them must be stamped by the county and posted in designated areas.

He warned that those who fail to comply risk a Sh100,000 fine, a six-month jail term or both.

“If you come to us, we will approve the number of posters you should produce and specific places to post them. We already have a team from the Finance department that is stamping the posters,” he said.

Ntoiti said any campaign material that blocks highways or interferes with other people’s businesses will be destroyed.

He stated that advertising companies fell trees to erect billboards, advertising will be pulled down and they will be fined.

In February, the county warned politicians against putting up unapproved campaign materials.


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