Jubilee Party primaries to go ahead despite hitches – Tuju

April 21, 2017 11:36 am
Tuju addressing the press from the Jubilee Party Headquarters on Friday morning/JEREMIAH WAKAYA

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 21 – The Jubilee Party insists that nominations scheduled for Friday will go on despite aspirants in some counties registering reservations.

Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju said the party has put in place enough measures to ensure the process goes on as scheduled.

“If aspirants have called off the exercise they have called their own process off. Our process is continuing and even if it is 20 people who turn up, we’re going to count those twenty votes,” Tuju said at the party headquarters on Friday.

“We cannot have anarchy where candidates think the over 50 per cent ballot paper distribution is not enough when in our own estimation in those areas they’ve never exceeded 35-40 per cent,” Tuju explained.

Tuju said hiccups such as misplaced ballot box lids were not reason enough to cancel the primaries, adding that polling should go on provided there is order.

“There’re different challenges in different places. In cases where lids have disappeared during transportation we have ordered officers to make an analysis and continue with the exercise provided the process is not compromised. If a situation arises where we learn the process was compromised then we can be able to decide what to do next.”

Tuju said the party had deployed a standby helicopter in every two counties to facilitate transfer of voting materials.

His press conference came even as a number of aspirants arrived at the party headquarters to seek audience with him over delayed voting in some areas.

Tuju and the National Elections Board Chairman Andrew Musangi were insistent that Friday’s exercise must move forward/JEREMIAH WAKAYA

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo who went to the party headquarters to register reservations over delayed ballot papers told Capital FM News that Tuju had assured him that the materials had been deployed to polling centres.

“We had delays and lack of ballot papers and a numbers of issues in terms of the register but we have talked to the party and they’ll deal with the issues,” Kabogo said.

The Kiambu County chief said he was confident with the manner in which the party was handling the nominations and urged party supporters to turn up and cast their votes.

“When you have a million voters you must experience challenges but I’m happy that the party is dealing with them. We must continue voting until we finish,” he said.

Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku who also showed up at Jubilee House registered complaints saying ballot papers had been tampered with.

Lenku who is eying the Kajiado gubernatorial seat blamed the alleged tampering with voting materials on his opponents, saying that the party needed to address the matter urgently.

He however said that he had been assured that the issues he raised were being addressed.

“I have had a word with the SG on the matter and he has promised that the situation will be addressed,” the former Cabinet Secretary told the press outside party headquarters.

The Secretary General is expected to address the press later in the afternoon.



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