Jubilee to hold fresh party nominations on Monday, Tuesday

April 22, 2017 5:11 pm


The exercise held on Friday was cancelled following massive complaints from aspirants and their supporters. Photo/MOSES MUOKI.
NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 22 – Jubilee Party will hold fresh nominations on Monday and Tuesday across the country, after the exercise aborted in 21 counties on Friday.

Officials at the party headquarters in Nairobi told Capital FM News that the national elections board was working on logistics of the fresh exercise, before a comprehensive schedule is made public.

“The dates have been set, there’s no doubt about that,” one official at the party headquarters told Capital FM News, “the fresh nominations will be held on Monday and Tuesday.”

Deputy President William Ruto was at the party headquarters in Pangani for the better part of Saturday, dispatched by President Uhuru Kenyatta to oversee the preparations.

President Kenyatta has blamed Friday’s chaotic nominations in his Jubilee Party to the large turnout in all counties across the country.

President Kenyatta said the party expected up to 25 per cent turnout in most centres, but more than 70 per cent supporters turned up to vote.

“Primaries usually do not experience the kind of large turn out that we saw yesterday (Friday),” he told journalists at a news conference at State House, “and that is where we had a level of under preparedness.”
He defended the National Elections Board, saying they under estimated the number of voters and only printed few materials.

“So we were hit by a huge shortage of voting materials,” he said, and pleaded with party supporters to remain calm and prepare for the next exercise, “We will adequately prepare this time round.”

Of the 21 counties where nominations were scheduled to take place on Friday, only a few conducted the exercise that was marred by chaos and confusion after aspirants accused the elections board of delivering few materials, among other anomalies.

“The exercise has been cancelled in all the areas and new dates will be announced on Saturday,” Raphael Tuju, the party’s Secretary General announced on Friday night after protests from supporters and aspirants—some of who boycotted the exercise.


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