We got raw deal in NASA, Nyenze and fellow MPs say

April 28, 2017 3:35 pm
Nyenze, who was accompanied by among others Kitui Senator David Musila, says it will be hard for NASA to convince the Kamba community to vote for Odinga once again, when they expected their ‘son’ to be the flag bearer this time around/MUTHONI NJUKI

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 28 – When the National Assembly Minority Leader Francis Nyenze started addressing journalists on Friday, he was categorical that “he will speak the truth to shame the devil.”

His bone of contention and those of three other Ukambani Members of Parliament was failure by the National Super Alliance (NASA) to pick their leader Kalonzo Musyoka as the NASA presidential candidate and instead settled for what has now been termed as a “2013 rematch” with ODM Raila Odinga as the captain, once again.

But Nyenze and his team now says they got a raw deal.

“I want to say that the Kamba nation got a raw deal because there was a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013 that Honourable Kalonzo Musyoka supports Raila Odinga and we did that man-to-man. In 2017 it was to be Kalonzo Musyoka,” the soft spoken legislator stated.

He cautioned that it will be “a difficult task to convince the Kamba nation to play the second fiddle when they played that in 2013 and in 2017, they expected their son to be a flag bearer. These are things I say as senior member of Wiper and as a Kamba leader and it is good to say the truth, to shame the devil.”

“There is a lot of bad feeling. This formula we saw it in 2013 and we had hoped that Kalonzo will be the flag bearer backed by either Raila or Musalia (Mudavadi) but now we have seen different results. And I am saying in my opinion, there will need for a lot of lobbying to convince the Kamba nation to vote again for NASA, when their ‘son’ is not a flag bearer.”

Nyenze said as a protest, they will not attend any NASA meetings until the grievances are addressed.

“It is good to be sincere and speak the truth and shame the devil and not pretend … it is also good to say it as it is; not to pretend that things are okay when things are not. It is a tall order to convince our people to vote again for someone else and not Kalonzo as the flag bearer,” he asserted.

He said they need to consult and “heal” because Thursday’s announcement came as a shocker.

According to him, the technical team that was negotiating the deal had settled down on Musyoka and cannot tell at what stage it was changed.

He warned that the Kamba nation will “not just follow instructions.”

“We need to sit and talk,” he stated. “Our people have been calling us asking what is this?”

He said the name CORD was dropped so that their counterparts could easily ignore the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding.

“Why did Kalonzo accept to be a running mate while all along he had told us that he will not play second fiddle to anybody? He shocked all of us. And if NASA calls a meeting, we will not attend until we sit (and talk),” he said.

Senator David Musila on his part called on the Wiper Party leader to call a meeting and explain what is in the new deal.

“No one knows what is in that MoU. When he signed, he must have known what is good in it,” Musila said. “There is a problem here and it need to be resolved before we go to our people.”

Also absent during the Uhuru Park announcement on Thursday was Senator Johnstone Muthama, a vocal supporter of the Wiper leader.

Notably, a section of supporters walked out of Uhuru Park, as soon as Musyoka was named the running mate.

They were wearing Wiper and Amani National Coalition party T-Shirts.

During his speech, Musyoka said the MoU they had signed had been deposited with the Registrar of Parties to ensure it is fully implemented.

Musyoka said he was aware that the announcement would bring some disappointment to some of their supporters but urged them to remain united.

He said the focus was on removing the Jubilee Government from power and not competition among themselves.

“There will be no more political deceit. This is not another MoU,” Musyoka asserted.


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